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The Sun Court

Court of the Day, The Found Path, The White Hill

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“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't going away.”
– Elvis Presley



Influence Titles

The titles below indicate a sun courtier's level of influence and responsibility within the White Hill. The mantle level listed with each title is the minimum requirement. Meeting the mantle requirement does not automatically bestow a title. See Influence for a detailed look at the system.

Influence 5 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••••

  • (Influence 5) - Explanation.

Influence 4 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••••

  • (Influence 4) - Explanation.

Influence 3 - Prerequisite: Mantle •••

  • (Influence 3) - Explanation.

Influence 2 - Prerequisite: Mantle ••

  • (Influence 2) - Explanation.

Influence 1 - Prerequisite: Mantle •

  • (Influence 1) - Explanation.

Freehold Positions

These positions are bestowed upon sun courtiers who directly serve the Fate's Harvest freehold.

  • (Something!) - Summary.
  • (Something Else!) - Summary.
  • (Something Else!) - Summary.
  • (Something Else!) - Summary.

Other Court Roles

Generally internal, these positions represent other responsibilities to which sun courtiers might be assigned by the court's leadership.


Name Influence Position
HelahMorgensternIcon.jpg Helah Morgenstern ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Glaring Radiance
Ashoka1.jpg Ashoka TBD

Ongoing Plots


Court Logs

None yet.

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