Fry Family

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Fry Family

If It Needs Doing, Get It Done


Arriving soon after the Lefevres, the Fry family has a colourful, and cow-ful, history. In 1799, Mother Fry and her four daughters, Etsy, Betsy, Elizabeth and Harm arrived in Tamarack Falls, bringing little enough in material goods, but plenty in willingness to do hard work. Working their way up from nothing to the many-acred farm they own today was made possible in large part by their mother's skill at icing creams.

Over time, the family grew, the farm grew, and these days it is both the largest and the oldest farm continuously occupied by the same family in the Tam Valley.

In 1959, fraternal twins Mal and Leslie decided to test the market with some new flavours, deviating from the tried and true favourites. This experiment became what is now the "Dare" ice cream shop down in Fort Brunsett, and the family farm renamed itself to match, the Old Fry Farm becoming "Dair-ya Creamery" to the public. Much to the confusion of newcomers and their own private enjoyment, long-timers in Tamarack Falls still use the original name. All members of the family are welcome on the farm, and the rambling homes and barns tucked away amidst the pasturing always have room for guests.

Mal and Leslie are fairly well aged and decrepit these days, but happily so, and eagerly participate in the great game of coming up with new flavours for their creations, even if the running of their shop and farm have to be left to younger hands.

While the majority of the family still maintains at least a minor presence on the family farm, a blend of itchy feet and their foremothers' firm preference to Get Stuff Done has led many of their current kin toward the forests which surround their valley home, energy never a problem. Really, never a problem.


  • Everyone and Nobody - The Frys are friendly with everybody, really. Most anyone of the other Families would leap to their defense, or at least grudgingly support them, and that's just the way they like it.


  • Nobody in Particular - As it stands, no families particularly dislike the Frys. Lucky Frys.


Both! The family has wandering feet, and while its roots are in Tamarack Falls, it has been just as active in Fort Brunsett throughout its history.

  • Dair-Ya Creamery - OT04 - Family home. Active dairy farm. Lots of acreage and several outbuildings and smaller family homes on the property.
  • Dare - FB03 - Ice cream parlor in the city which sells every imaginable blend of flavors, and some nobody ever thought would work!


Name Influence Position
LeslieFryIcon.jpg Leslie Fry ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Family Head
MallorieFryIcon.jpg Mal Fry ⚫⚫⚫⚫⚫ Family Head
OwenFryIcon.jpg Owen Fry ⚫⚫⚫ Owner of Pheobe's Lakeside Lodge
CardinalIcon.png Elizabeth Fry ⚫⚫ Owner of Dare Ice Creamery
Kira-icon.jpg Kira Honeydew Fry Member


Mechanical Bonuses
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Animal Ken
  • Skill: -1xp to purchase Survival
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Allies: Fry Family
  • Merit: -2xp to purchase Contacts: Fry Family
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Direction Sense
  • Merit: -1xp to purchase Hobbyist Clique (Animal Husbandry)
e.g. buying Survival 5 would net you a -5 discount, total, because you get -1 per dot.

When buying discounted stats with +xps, rather than being automatically added to your +sheet, a +myjob will be created for staff to review the discount and manually set the stat/spend for you.

+xps skill/survival to 4 for 16=Fry family discount


  • Common Professions - Farmer, ranger, woodswalker, ice cream "taste tester", performer
  • Resources - The family averages out around Resources 2. They're hard workers, but working at your passion isn't all that lucrative if that passion is cows or hiking. Or ice cream. Yet!
  • Wanted Concepts
    • Dairy Farmer
    • Local park ranger
    • Veterinarian


  • Influence 5 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 4 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 3 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 2 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.
  • Influence 1 - Responsibilities and expectations. Information and access.



It exists. The Fry family is a very practical group in many ways, and as far as the supernatural is concerned, where they can affect it they do, where they can do nothing they don't, and if their family members are involved in it, they'll prank the Dickens out of them to make sure there won't be any big head begetting from their super powers.

Other Families

  • Alexander - A little sleazy, but they're good for heavy lifting. Just don't leave them alone with stuff you don't want stolen.
  • Desrochers - These guys are great! Kick ass, get stuff done, take names for next time!
  • Garreau - Veeeerry interesting. Careful what you drink at parties they hold, though. Especially if Uncle Ned's the one holding it.
  • Lefevre - Living as openly as they do can't be easy; they've got guts. They may be stupid and just asking for trouble, but they've got guts.
  • Miller - Royalty, schmoyalty. They're not too bad, but the older ones'll never let you forget who founded this place. At least they take care of it. That's worth something.
  • Utridge - Slippery. Never count on them to stay to one course if the trail gets rough.

Family-Run Events

  • Pink Cow Run - This event is held every year in late May/early June, weather pending.