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Combat Summary Chart
Stage One: Intent
  • The players and the Storyteller describe what their characters want out of the fight.
  • Decide whether characters can surrender and can become Beaten Down.
Stage Two: Initiative
  • If the attacker springs an ambush or otherwise strikes when the defender isn’t able to counter, the defender rolls Wits + Composure contested by the attacker’s Dexterity + Stealth. If the defender fails, she doesn’t act on the first turn of combat and cannot apply Defense against attacks.
  • Everyone rolls Initiative: the result of a die roll + Dexterity + Composure. If the character has a weapon readied, apply its Initiative Modifier. If the character is wielding two weapons (say, a sword and shield) choose the higher of the two Initiative modifiers and add +1. This is the character's new modifier.
Stage Three: Attack
  • Unarmed Combat: Strength + Brawl vs. Defense
  • Melee Combat: Strength + Weaponry vs. Defense
  • Ranged Combat: Dexterity + Firearms
  • Thrown Weapons: Dexterity + Athletics vs. Defense
A character’s Defense is normally subtracted from any attack dice pools where it applies. If she chooses to Dodge, the defender rolls her Defense as a dice pool against each attack. Each success reduces the attacker’s successes by one. If the attacker is reduced to zero successes, the attack does nothing. If the attacker has successes remaining, add any weapon modifier to the number of successes to determine how many points of Health the target loses. All weapons deal lethal damage.
Stage Four: The ST has the player pose their actions, descriptive, but brief, while the next player declares an action and rolls it.

Possible Modifiers
  • Aiming: +1 per turn to a +3 maximum
  • All-Out Attack: +2 with Brawl or Weaponry attack; lose Defense
  • Armor Piercing: Ignores amount of target’s armor equal to item’s rating
  • Autofire Long Burst: 20 or so bullets, no target limit pending Storyteller approval. A +3 bonus is applied to each attack roll; –1 per roll for each target after the first
  • Autofire Medium Burst: 10 or so bullets at one to three targets, with a +2 bonus to each attack roll; –1 per roll for each target after the first
  • Autofire Short Burst: Three bullets at a single target with a +1 bonus to the roll
  • Concealment: Barely –1; partially –2; substantially –3; fully, see “Cover”
  • Cover: Subtract Durability from damage; if Durability is greater than weapon modifier, attack has no effect
  • Dodge: Double Defense, roll as a dice pool with each success subtracting one from the attacker’s successes
  • Drawing a Weapon: Requires instant action without a Merit and could negate Defense
  • Firing from Concealment: Shooter's own concealment quality (–1, –2 or –3) reduced by one as a penalty to fire back (so, no modifier, –1 or –2)
  • Offhand Attack: –2 penalty
  • Prone Target: –2 penalty to hit in ranged combat; +2 bonus to hit when attacker is within close-combat distance
  • Range: –2 at medium range, –4 at long range
  • Shooting into Close Combat: –2 per combatant avoided in a single shot (not applicable to autofire); –4 if grappling
  • Specified Target: Torso –1, leg or arm –2, head –3, hand –4, eye –5
  • Surprised or Immobilized Target: Defense doesn’t apply
  • Touching a Target: Dexterity + Brawl or Dexterity + Weaponry; armor may or may not apply, but Defense does apply
  • Willpower: Add three dice or +2 to a Resistance trait (Stamina, Resolve, or Composure) in one roll or instance


Perception Pool What do you roll for perception? We may roll it for you as needed.
Initiative Modifiers Anything from your weapon/other traits
Defense Defense rating (+ any modifiers)
Armor Armor Bonus (i.e. 1/1 or 2/3 or...)
Weapon(s) Type (+Modifier)
Special Qualities? If your weapon does anything fancy, list it here.
Active Contracts Name them, and if you rolled exceptional, say so.
HBC Stats If you have a HBC with you, list its stats and abilities.
Miscellany Anything else which would affect combat, perception, or potentially let you negotiate.


Perception Pool (*) Wits+Composure pool of 6
(*) /9-again (Merit: Trained Observer •)
Initiative Modifiers Anything from your weapon/other traits
Defense (*) Dice Pool of 5
Armor (*) Reinforced Clothing: Rating 1/0, Strength: 0, Defense: 0, Speed: 0
(*) Any bonuses gained by Contracts of Elements (Darkness) ••
Weapon(s) (*) Hunting Knife: Damage +1, Initiative –1, Strength 1, Size 2
(*) [Razorhand] Passive Blessing: (0L)
(*) [Razorhand] Active Blessing: Glamour = Agg.Damage, +2 Intimidation rolls
Special Qualities? No special qualities to state
Active Contracts Name them, and if you rolled exceptional, say so.
HBC Stats (*) See Mister Manx for details.
Miscellany (*) Would spend up to 2 points of Glamour for +2 on Perception rolls
(*) Merit: Fighting Finess ••
(*) Merit: Light Weapons (Knives) •
(*) Merit: Ghost Ally (Natasha Fletcher)
(*) Merit: Faerie Healing •


Perception Pool 5 (Wits 2 + Composure 3)
Initiative Modifiers -1, Baton
Defense 2 (3 - 1 Flak Jacket)
Armor Flak Jacket: Rating 2/4, Strength 1, Defense -1, Speed 0, (Covers Torso and Arms)
Weapon(s) Light Pistol: Damage +1, Range: Long, Capacity: Medium, Initiative: 0, Strength: 2, Size: 1

Baton: Damage 1, Initiative -1, Strength 2, Size 2

Knife, Small: Damage +0, Initiative 0, Strength 1, Size 1, Thrown (A)

Special Qualities?
Active Contracts
HBC Stats
Miscellany Danger Sense 2: +2 modifier on reflexive Wits + Composure rolls for detecting an impending ambush

Bright One Kith Blessing: Make the light blinding, penalizing attempts to target the Bright One by -2. All rolls to Stealth and Subterfuge suffer -2 while within this brilliance.


Perception Pool 3 + 4 + 2 (clarity) + 2 (metalflesh blessing to composure) = 9
Initiative Modifiers -3 if using sword
Defense 0
Armor 3/1 (mundane) + 4/4 (magic) + 1/1 (magic) = 8/6, or 3/1 (mundane) and 5/5 (magic)
Weapon(s) HWI Bastard Sword (+3)
Special Qualities? Does agg to True Fae, ignores faerie armor.
Active Contracts Elements 1 Air (catch met), Elements 1 Metal (catch met), Communion 2 Air Excep, Elements 5 Metal, Elements 2 Metal (catch met), Separation 1 (catch met)
  • Blessings: 1 glamour for +7 to health (16 health), 1 glamour for +2 to Composure
  • Merits: Indomitable 4, Iron Will 2, Iron Stamina 3, Rigid Mask, Striking Looks 2
  • Negotiation: Sight of Truth and Lies, Fleeting Spring 1, Potential 1, good to great pools for persuasion and intimidation. :P


Perception Pool 7
Initiative Modifiers -5 from Dragon's Claw
Defense 8 -2 from armor.
Armor Armor Bonus 4/6
Weapon(s) Dragon's Claw, Zweihander: 6L, -5 Init, Str 4, Size 3, 9-again, Two-handed, Durability 3
               Dragon's Breath, Revolver: 4L, long range 50/100/200, Low capacity (need to reload after short bursts/failures), -2 Init, Strength 3, Size 3  
Special Qualities? N/A
Active Contracts Artifice 3, Exceptional Success, +7 to rolls with Dragon's Claw. Eternal Summer 3, +2 to Str.
HBC Stats N/A
Miscellany Carries 5 Hedgespun Items, Gargantuan.


Perception Pool 6
Initiative Modifiers -4 = +1 (Levinquick) -5 (shield plus spear)
Defense 14 = 9 +1 (Airtouched) +1 (Levinquick) -2 (armor) +4 (shield) +1 (Spear)
Armor 5/5 = 4/5 +1 (Summer mantle) plus Iron Skin 2
Weapon(s) Spear 3, light pistol, small knife
Special Qualities? None
Active Contracts Elements 1 (Air, water, lighting), Communion 1 (Air), Eternal Summer 3 (+2 strength)
HBC Stats None
Miscellany Communion Air lets him sense the shape of spaces and objects w/in 50 yards


Perception Pool 7 + 1 for objects/people concealed in Darkness, Danger Sense (+2 vs Ambush and stuff)
Initiative Modifiers -1 Knife, -5 Rifle
Defense Defense 7, +2 defense vs Unarmed opponents and not dodging
Armor 3/4 Flak Jacket + Mantle, 5/4 When Elements (Fire) Active
Weapon(s) Hedgespun Rifle , Damage: +5, Range: Extreme, Capacity: Low, Init: –5, Str: 2, Siz: 3,

Hedgespun Hunting Knife, Damage: +1, Init: -1, Str: 1, Siz: 2, Stun Grenade: Damage: +1, Init: -1, Str: 1, Siz: 1

Special Qualities? Knife: Enhance Crafts or Survial, Durability -3 to objects hit by this knife, Stun Grenade: Stun, bonus successes don't add to damage
Active Contracts Elements (Fire) 1 - Catch, Eternal Summer 1 - Catch - Success, Eternal Summer 3 - Catch - Exceptional (5) +2 Strength +1 Stamina, Separation 1 - 1 Glam - Exceptional (6)
HBC Stats N/A
Miscellany Kith: Allies within 5 yards gain +1 to all Enhance perception tests for things concealed in darkness. Siren Song: When speaking, any listener takes -2 to all actions, Fighting Finesse - Jujutsu, Defensive Combat - Brawl (Use Brawl to calculate defense instead of Athletics) Striking Looks 2

Uschi Buschi

Perception Pool +roll/8=4+4 (Trained Observer 3)
Initiative Modifiers +1 (Fast Reflexes)
Defense 7
Armor 1/1
Weapon(s) Knife, Hunting (Cold Iron), Knife, Hunting (Steel), Anything she can get her hand on (Roteater + Improvised Weaponry to 3).
Special Qualities? Cold Iron!
Active Contracts Dread 1 - Catch Met!
HBC Stats N/A
Miscellany Day Pledges - With the FH: Danger Sense ••

/9 to Stealth + Survival for scene (Farwalker Bonus).

Professional Training: /9 on Brawl, Subterfuge, Occult.

Day Pledge

Scary Hollow Vow!
Type: Vow
Duration: 1 day (+1)
Tasks: Alliance, Medial (-2): We'll help each other out today, even if it means some pain.
Boons: Blessing, Medial (+2):
Adalbert: Iron Skin
Eden, Uschi: Danger Sense
Czcibor: Adroitness: Medicine, Brawl
Duncan: Adroitness: Survival, Investigation
Sanctions: Curse, Lesser (-1): /weak on all rolls (no 10-again)
To the Harrowing Hollow we go,
A promise of aid to one another we show,
We come with boons to aid us though,
Break this treaty and a curse will maim you. Woe.
Cost: 1 Willpower point (only one person needs to +spend willpower)