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Fate's Harvest Freehold Council

How to become a Councillor:

  • Be a Crown
  • Be elected

Extended Council

The extended Council is comprised of the Freehold Council and the leadership of all Freehold subgroups. It is the right of this leadership to attend any open Council meetings they choose, unless it is publically declared a closed Council.

By default, the Council is composed of the year's previous Crowns and elected members of the eight Courts. The Crowns are their Court's designated point of contact, and the accepted political leader of the Court, regardless of their Mantle rating.

If a Crown chooses to resign from the Council, a general Court-wide election is held. Nominees may volunteer or be nominated by members of the Court without their knowledge. OOCly, staff will use an open +vote to the Court in question, looking for a simple majority.

Councillors are responsible for running the Freehold in the case of a Crown's death or disappearance.

The standard term of a Councillor is nine months, though this may be extended if the popular vote prefers to leave them in their role.

Councillors may be voted out of office by:

A) Crown and Council
B) 3/4 majority of Court members

If no players are available and OOCly willing to take on the role, staff will fill it with a NPC.

As of the game's opening, all positions are filled by NPCs, but staff's intention is to phase players in as soon as the season changes.

Current Council

Spring Councillor
Reginald Pook
Spring Queen 2017+
Wizened Chatelaine/Gandharva
Summer Councillor
Meredith Ryan
Summer Queen 2016+
Wizened Soldier/Gameplayer
Autumn Councillor
August Bordeaux
Autumn King 2015+
Fairest Shadowsoul/Antiquarian/Saltborn
Winter Councillor
Charlie O.jpg
Charlie O
Winter King 2015
Ogre Cyclopean/Snowskin

Dawn Councillor
Heather Vale
Dawn Queen, Spring 2016+
Darkling Whisperwisp/Muse
Sun Councillor
Helah Morgenstern
Wizened Gremlin/Saltborn
Dusk Councillor
Katie Jones
Elemental Apsara/Harbinger
Moon Councillor
Zillah Grimes
Moon Queen 2018
Fairest Shadowsoul/Aetheric/Coldscale

Council Logs

None yet.