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WR03 - West Bank - River and Bridge

With no construction for much of its length south of the mill, the road along the river is a quiet drive with scenic views of local wildlife, flashing water and, everpresent, the majesty of forested Salvation and Mischance rising north and east into the sky.

The river itself is never more than ten yards distant from the slight rise of the road, few trees surviving the Spring floods with strength enough to find purchase along its banks. The west side of the road supports more brush, water-loving birch and, rare, the occasional willow, many with storm-snapped boughs.

Its own wood still strong, an old-fashioned bridge spans the flow, smooth northern waters roughening the farther south they flow, humped up by stones beneath the surface. Bridge Street, narrow, plunges down the steep slope farther west from the direction of the town's heart, leading traffic over the River Tam.

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