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LA01 - Lake Brunsett - Northwestern Outcroppings

The land here is rougher, rockier, and gradually rises above the surface of the lake, one small cliff at a time, though nothing is ever higher than twenty-five feet. The trees nearest the lake shore have been selectively pruned to make room for the occasional small home, but businesses are few and far between, and farther from the lake, the land is simply too broken for housing without a great deal of work.

Consequently, there is rather a great deal of rock climbing and hiking in this area, shallow caves a popular spot for camps or those who want a 'natural' experience. Teenagers on old-timey LARPs particularly enjoy the largest set of small ravines and caves, known to the public as The Devil's Fingers, and to the gamers as The Realm Of Dooooom. Or was that Dhuum?

The lake spreads out into these 'fingers' of miniature pseudo-fjord between the low cliffs, shallow and home to a great many otters, mink, kingfishers and various other waterfowl.

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