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LA04 - Lake Brunsett - Northern Cliffside

Nominally part of the lake district by virtue of a single access road to the shoreline, the northern cliffside is otherwise high above the lake's surface, affording a view of the falls, the water and, spreading out to the far south, the city as a whole, which photographers from hundreds of miles away peregrinate to see throughout the year.

The farmers here are wise enough to avoid ploughing the land too close to the cliffs, rockslides being an ever-present danger, but aside from the occasional wooded copse or deliberate border-line of grees grown between fields, this is a land of sweet corn, hay, oats and grain corn, furrow after furrow hugging the curves of the hilly landscape.

On the far western border, the lands are claimed by the Reservation, a haven for wildlife which extends through and across the distant Tamarack Road. Meadows and forests are set aside for deer, and some of the nearer farmers have gone to rather creative lengths to keep those deer out of their fields. The switchback road which winds some three hundred feet up sheer granite cliff toward the small town of Tamarack Falls can be glimpsed in the distance on clear days, some few miles away to the northwest.

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