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Nothing in life is free, and Changelings know this threefold. To ensure that we are all respecting the theme of the game, certain shiny things require you to put a bit more effort into getting them than typing +xps... :)

This page lists the shinies which require either a justification (why are you getting this?) or that you find a Storyteller (ST) to run a Player-Run-Plot (PRP) for you. In most cases, that ST can just be another player, and you don't need permission before you can run it.

In a few cases, more sensitive than others, staff wants to know about it before you start. A "preapproved" PRP is one that has been shown to staff in a +req/plot and received staff approval.

Requires Justification

  • Court Switching- This requires justification, but there is no need to do a PRP for it. Remember that it IS a breaking point for all Changelings to switch Courts, since it counts as a Severe Life Change. Send up a +req/fae to staff about it and we'll help you out!
  • Dual Kith - This requires EITHER justification (to describe the long-term changes which have been going on) or a preapproved PrP (to get it more suddenly, like buying a new kith at the Market).
  • Flaw Buyoff - Flaws, sadly, don't just disappear, so either a good justification or a preapproved PrP is needed.
  • Mantle - All Mantle raises outside of CG require a justification. Further, you can only buy one level at a time, and one per month.
  • Regaining Clarity/Integrity - Clarity isn't just something you can buy. You either need a preapproved PrP showing how you're being redeemed, or a good justification for it.
  • Wyrd 6+ - Wyrd at 6 or higher requires a justification, along with an appropriate minor frailty. Remember, just like Mantle, you can only buy one dot at a time, and the dots may not be purchased more than once a month.
  • Wyrd Evolution - This requires EITHER justification or a preapproved PrP.

Requires PrP

  • Becomings - This should be a given, but any becoming requires a preapproved PrP.
  • Dual Kith - See above.
  • Flaw Buyoff - See above.
  • Goblin Contracts Goblin Contracts MUST have a PrP to obtain. You may purchase them from approved PC merchants, but purchasing from the Wild_Roses requires staff preapproval.
  • Hedgespun - Whether creating or purchasing it, hedgespun always requires a preapproved PrP outside of CG.
  • Regaining Clarity/Integrity - See above.
  • Tokens - Purchased Tokens (not PC crafted ones) require a preapproved PrP outside of CG.
  • Wyrd Evolution - See above.