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The local Hedge has hundreds of years of history, though the Caucasian settlement can only account for a few of those.

Important Pages:

  • Hedge/Systems: Mechanical notes about the Hedge and its behaviour. Please do at least skim these, because staff WILL enforce them.
  • Trods & Gates: A list of local trods and gates, both staff- and player-created.
  • Wild Roses: A description of the local Goblin Market.
  • Maps: Map of the Hedge

Rooms with Specific Mechanics

  • Hedge/Isle of Tears: A description of the mechanics anyone who goes to this island must know and acknowledge.

The Hedge vs. the Hedge Grid on a MUX

The Hedge itself is not a linear A -> B phase of reality.

Since a game is, in essence, in existence to entertain people, staff has chosen to build the Hedge here as simple, easily accessible room objects. That is, however, entirely an OOC convenience.

In Character, the rooms in our grid are simply part of the local geography. They are places you can get to, and they are generally near the rooms they are near, but physical location is fluid. You would not always go from point A to B if you were walking, and staff encourages you to roleplay accordingly.

In actual game mechanics, traveling through the Hedge is more Idea A -> Idea B.

You pick a goal, and follow the trods which cut through toward that goal. This can mean skipping half of mortal Virginia just because you turned left instead of right. As long as you stay in the near Hedge, geography and local flora do tend to reflect the mortal world. You won't find tropical jungles in the Vermont Hedge, for example, or volcanoes, or unexpected oceans, but the trees you do find, while no doubt formerly maples and mortal birch, certainly aren't normal now.

The Deep Hedge, however, is where it starts playing some serious loosey goosey with reality. It's also hard to leave. And dangerous.