Trods & Gates

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Trods & Gates

The Hedge grid is separated into two primary sections: the west bank and the east bank of the River Tam.

On the west bank, the only currently BUILT trod is the Looptrod (H01 - H12). All other Hedge rooms are on the east bank, on a number of trods with a variety of names ranging from useful to scatalogical.

The following table lists the current official Hedge Gates, where they can be found, and what keys unsuspecting mortals (or knowledgeable mortals) can use to open them and end up lost amidst the thorns.

To add a gate to the wiki, you'll need to edit the appropriate grid page and use the code found here: Template:Gates

Grid Location Destination Grid Destination Name Key
FB02 H34 Rainbow Markets A Mortal virgin carrying a white rabbit's foot.
LA05 H38 Crystal Falls Unknown
MN10 H13 The Everdark Full moon on a Friday.
WW02 H01 Evercaverns Unknown
WW11 H012 Skip-a-Step Unknown