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Flatirons because those are some nice looking mountains. Seriously. Look at those mountains!


Name Template Description
AJ Ray Changeling Bitey, ornery kind of fox.
Green Thaumaturge Unflappable critic with a bit of hidden darkside.

Staff Roles

Code, NPCs, Lore, mechanics, stories. Mostly everything but XP jobs and apps!

NPC List

Gentry Played

  • N/A

Types of Events

At the moment, handling NPCs is the most of what I'm doing! Beyond that, random one-shots. I like throwing strange/supernatural PCs into mundane but extreme situations!


  • (2017.03.27)
Wrong Place, Wrong Time
  • (2017.04.06)
Finding the Quake Hammer Part 1
  • (2017.04.27)
Finding the Quake Hammer Part 2
  • (2017.07.01)
Sun Queen - July Court 2017