Roland Garreau

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Roland T. Garreau
On Game As: Roland
Played By: Paul Giamatti
Concept: Self-Important Professor Author
Date of Birth: 06 Jun 1967
Apparent Age: 50s
Occupation: Former US History Professor/Historical Fiction and Alternative History Novelist/US Colonial-Era Reenactor
Virtue: Diligent
Vice: Arrogant

Freehold: None
Motley: None

“Sometimes I wonder if I'm a character being written, or if I'm writing myself.”
– Marilyn Manson


      Formerly a well-liked and -respected adjunct US History professor at the University of Vermont (on the tenure track!), Roland has left that position to focus full-time on writing his popular historical fiction and alternative history novels. At least, that's what he tells people who ask.

      Regardless, Roland has devoted himself solely to writing. His first book, The Arrows of Greasy Grass (an historical novel based on the Battle of Little Bighorn), made a relative splash critically and popularly, leading to an uptick in fame and a book contract at a well-known publisher. His second, To New Orleans and Freedom (an alternative history take on the German Coast slave rebellion of 1811), built on his considerable popularity but received lukewarm reviews (and even one or two pans). He feels a great deal of pressure to "return to form" with his third book on a topic that he has yet to reveal.

      He's recently (as of September 2017) finished up a country-wide book tour for To New Orleans and Freedom and returned to his hometown to recharge and begin research on his latest novel.

RP Hooks

  • Former College Professor - He taught US History at the University of Vermont for the better part of a decade.
  • Up-and-Coming Author - His two books are quite popular, especially with history buffs. If you haven't read them yourself, you likely know someone who (knows someone who) has. (Fame 2)
  • Historical Reenactor - He's traveled to US Revolutionary battlefields and taken part in reenactments. He's also filled in, when called on, as famous figures from that time period (mainly John Adams, but more and more as Benjamin Franklin).
  • Genealogy - Roland pursues it as a hobby and is willing to offer his services to interested parties who know about it.
  • The Family Garreau - As his last name suggested, he is a part of the family. The younger ones call him "Uncle Roland."



RolandGarreau2.jpg RolandGarreauReenactor.jpg


Cake - Open Book

But you're caught in your own glory.
You are believing your own stories.
Writing your own headlines.
Ignoring your own deadlines.
But now you've gotta write them all again.

C. Jackson, L.-M. Miranda, - History Has Its Eyes On You

Let me tell you what I wish I’d known
When I was young and dreamed of glory:
You have no control
Who lives, who dies, who tells your story
I know that we can win
I know that greatness lies in you
But remember from here on in
History has its eyes on you.


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“There is no real ending. It's just the place where you stop the story.”
– Frank Herbert