Log:The One Where Maddox Enters On Fire

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The One Where Maddox Enters On Fire

A High Voltage log


Leo, Etsy, Maddox

16 July, 2017

You know, that one time, it only happened once, right?



It's late in the evening, and that's when Etsys often wake up from their naptimes, then are active for a few hours before falling asleep again. So it might be odd, or it might be not, to find an Etsy finishing her evening nap... here.

Sitting on a chair outside the trailer, in what might be considered the 'stoop' area, Etsy is wearing an undershirt made for someone about a foot taller than her, a ratty, light-blue jersey houserobe hanging open, and those tatty silk slippers that she seems to never go anywhere without. Stuffed in the pocket of the houserobe is an old-fashioned all metal mirror, and the mrbl wanders around the junkyard with Tick and Tock. Or rather, Tick and Tock patrol, and the mrbl trundles diffidently after them, observing. Very managerial, that hedgebeast.

On a rickety little table next to Etsy's chair, there's a large pile of cooked bacon, and a steak. Her webbed hands are wrapped around a very large mug full of heavily-creamered coffee, the big plastic sort that gets filled at gas stations for 99 cents, with a worn-off logo half-showing still. She alternates between drinking from the mug and eating bacon, slowly and almost thoughtfully, her eyes blinking slowly open and closed, like an old-fashioned dolly being tipped one way and then the other.

Leo arrives stiff backed, glancing around a few times before moving in toward the junkyard. Spotting Etsy makes him relax, a bit, Tick and Tock lifting their heads up then wandering off as if it was no big deal - just Leo, after all. His hand lifts up as he approaches, calling out, "Uh, hey... Etsy!" bright and smiley as he approaches, acting like there's nothing on his mind. At all. Nope.

He's got a case of beef under one arm though, whatever brand Mads would be preferring at that time most often. He hauls it into the junkyard with a smile, his backpack stuffed full of something as well. "It alright if I come in? Like? For a bit I mean?" He asks, awkward, but friendly seeming.

The question seems to confuse Etsy for a moment -- maybe it's just because she only just woke up. She just blinks slowly at Leo, brackish eyes changing color from dark green to a middling sort of green. "Why is an asking of me if you can be here? Is ... is your place before is mine. Is Maddox and you is friends forever and ever." Another swallow from her coffee, and Etsy seems to perk up a bit more, rather precisely like a flower that's being watered. "It is a goodness, yes?" she asks, suddenly somewhat awkward, and then carefully nudges the plate aside on the table so she can set her coffee down. "Is should not be here? Do not want to make a badness of Leo-and-Maddox." Her tiny sharp teeth tug her lower lip, and then, very thoughtfully, she picks up a slice of bacon and holds it out to Leo, sea-change eyes big and watery. Worry crinkles the corners of her mouth.

Leo blinks suddenly, "Nono, that is -not- what I was saying. At all." Leo says blinking quickly a few times, "Wait, just I didn't want to like.. intrude or anything. I mean, I made a big mess last time? And woke everyone up?I didn't know if he was sleeping or something." Leo says, setting the case of beer down near the table. Then he swings his backpack around and opens it up, pulling out a giant gold-foiled wrapped ham. He sets it down on the talbe near her other meats and kinda shrugs, patting it a couple of times. "Just.. wanted to swing by with some apology gifts, for waking everyone up." Leo says, with a small smile at her, taking the bacon slice and chomping down on it.

Maddox doesn't have much of a beer preference, except that it has to be in bottles. He saves the caps. For what, no one really knows, but he does. He has buckets and buckets and buckets of them, somewhere. As to whether or not he's currently around? He doesn't seem to be...

...and then suddenly there's a loud BANG, an explosion, coming from the shop. One of the windows blows out in a shatter of glass, followed by a plume of smoke. The other windows don't get blown out because they've already been broken. A few moments later, the shop door is slamming open and Maddox stumbles out, along with another billow of smoke.

He's in his usual jeans, t-shirt, sneakers, all of it grease and sooth stained at the moment, as is his flesh, his metal bits, his hair. His hair, in fact, is currently smoldering.

"God damn fucking motherfucking shit fuck damn!" Then he spots the pair of them. Wait, is that beer? And meat? He heads over. His shirt appears to be on fire, but he doesn't seem to notice.

The awkward goes away the moment that the explosion happens, as Etsy's on her feet with a smooth, easy grace. She barely even spills any of her coffee. Setting it down quickly, she pulls the blue jersey robe around herself, tightening the tie around her waist and tugging the fabric up over her skinny shoulder. "No, Maddox awake," she sighs, shaking her head slightly; the flowers in her dark curls scatter down over her shoulders. "Was awake before I was having a wakes. I think maybe he was not a sleeping again after I had a dream and waked up."

Maddox is, however, still on fire, and so the mermaid flutters toward him with an eye toward injuries. I mean, people do actually get hurt when they burn, right? "Is a Leo, he brings a beer, I shared a bacons," she informs the robot, in case he hadn't figured that out. The awkward conversation and its awkward feelings is either dismissed or, more likely for Etsy, is currently being held underwater in the hopes it will stop kicking.

The explosion has Leo up, apology gifts forgotten. He's already moving toward the explosion when Maddox comes out, Leo rushing over to the man and gesturing, then stripping off the jacket of his track suit to put out the remaining fire on his shirt. "Jesus Mads! What were you working on?" He asks, excited and shocked, but pretty easily falling into the typical pattern. This is a short pose, deal.

Maddox has always kept somewhat strange hours. He's often awake in the middle of the night, working on some project or another. But he's just as likely to be passed out on his shop floor, or wherever he simply got too tired to keep working. Or at least that's how he used to be. He's been getting a bit better recently. Actually sleeping in his bed. As Leo discovered the other day.

As the two of them swarm him, and Leo's trying to smother him with that jacket, he growls, "Jesus Christ! Are you fucking happy to see me or some shit?" He waves his arms, extracting himself and moving towards where he spotted the beer. He helps himself to one, twisting off the cap (which isn't a twist off) and pocketing it.

He grunts, "Propane pressured meat smoker." Whatever even that is. He looks between the two of them, "What the fuck are you two doing?" He looks up at the sky suddenly, to remind himself as to whether it's night or day. He forgets. "Show's not today, is it? Or is that next week?" Or last week.

"You had a FIRES on you!" Yeah, she probably should be somewhat used to that by now. "Maybe I get a dead fishes and use to put out a fires," she huffs at Maddox, shaking her head and propping her hands on her hips. The mermaid squints at him, assessing the robot. Is he actually hurt or just burned of clothing and stinking of smoke? Huff.

Etsy, who looks barely awake despite the fact that she just swarmed over to Maddox to be sure that the fire that was on him wasn't, you know, terminal or anything, tugs up the shirt of his that she stole where it slides down her narrow shoulder, and the blue jersey robe that hangs over it. "Is for making a meats of not spoiling?" she asks, her interest piqued. "A Leos is just arrives, he is bringing a beers." And they were definitely not having any kind of awkward conversation. Nope.