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Freehold Library

The purpose of this page is to serve as an index, per se, for any text we write to be included in the Library.

While anyone can read it OOCly, of course, the Custodians are ICly in charge of the Library, the Librarian in particular. If you are not part of the Custodian group, and haven't had a scene with a member about it, please be sure to let them know if you are adding information to the Library (i.e. linking a page to this page).

Both staff and players are welcome to contribute.

What Should Go In The Library?

Any information you/your Court wants accessible to the rest of the Freehold and stored for public record. This information can be as truthful or as inaccurate as your character chooses for it to be. The information here is all IC, and all available IC.

The following are a handful of examples of what would be appropriate to store here:

  • Details about Keepers
  • Encounters with strangers in the Hedge
  • Encounters with other Freeholds
  • Any time Privateers/Loyalists are seen/heard of
  • Record of known hedgebeasts/hobgoblins and their habits (i.e. an IC bestiary)

Confidential details may also be stored here. See the instructions below for how we are handling those.

Library Subpage Format

Please format pages using the information below:

  • Each subpage must have Library/ in its name.
e.g. Library/The Wild Roses
  • Page names should be descriptive, but brief.
e.g. Library/Ragnar the Red, or Library/Summer of Two Suns, or Library/The Mother Who Feeds

The page itself must begin with the following:

Author: Name of person who gave the information to the Custodians (may be the same as below)
Hand of: Name of person who actually wrote the information down ICly. Report of King Charlie O, written by the hand of Librarian George Thompkin, etc.
In both above cases, link the name to the player's wiki page if one exists.
Date: Date entered into the library, and/or date of event

You can use the following Template:Library if you wish.

|Author=Name of the author - this should be the name of the wiki page.  (ie: Lux
|PAuthor=(As in Pseudonym) if you want the Author to link to a page and have a different name in the link. (Ie Lux Shadowcaster)
|Hand=The Custodian who filed it into the Library
|PHand=Same as PAuthor
|Date=The date of entry into the Library
|Entry=All entry information here. Wiki text acceptable
|Log=OPTIONAL: Link to a log (JUST use Log:Title, not the full

This template can be used multiple times on a page.

When adding new details to an existing page, reference your name/the date of the addition.


The information below may be added to by any player (or staff!) at any time, per the guidelines stated at the top of this page. Be excessive! Be enthusiastic! Have fun!



Hedge & Noteworthy People/Places



Goblin Markets



General Changeling Knowledge