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H40 - Hedge - Water - Weedy Wending

Light from above the surface casts the watery trods below in a blue-brown murk, soft-edged lines shaded and obscured by the swaying reach of brown-green water weeds, their leaves slimy, their grasping stems a slippery, hungry caress over a careless limb too near the ever-shifting border of the trod.

Cold, the water's currents are still shaped by the bone-deep war-drums of the distant 'falls, the water's steadily inconstant motion, in turn, shaping the tangled paths themselves, trods sometimes jogging straight up toward the surface, sometimes angling down into the shadowed depths below.

A path which is never and always the same leads up around the dark and stony bulk of a rising island's weed-slimed shoulders. Despite the nearness to the surface, day or night, a pall seems to hover over the labyrinth of living walls, colours grey and weary.

REMEMBER: You swim at half Speed. Any extreme movements underwater require a Strength + Athletics [+ Equipment] roll. This includes attacking. Ranged weapons, unless specifically designed for underwater combat, WILL NOT WORK.

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