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H42 - Hedge - Water - Tangled Depths

For most, the depths of the lake are a tangled labyrinth of sightless, lightless trods, the weight of cold water a steady pressure on the flesh. Those few who can see can seldom see far.

Sound is deceptive, echoing oddly at times, and the trod itself weaves through paths at once fluid and unchanging, flowing through writhing, silty tunnels bored into the lakebed in a mad worm's dreams or bordered by the slow swaying of water weeds' leviathan cousins, stems as broad, or broader than, a man. Their dark, rubbery leaves are at times almost feathery, edged in frilled tendrils meant for much the same purpose as a jellyfish's tentacles: to hurt and ensnare prey.

For there is prey, here. Other than you.

Creatures dwell beneath the waves, some burrowed into the sediment, others lurking amidst the massive leaves. Tiny fish dance through the water in flitting patterns of miniscule lights, mating, seeking, and larger fish, speckled with similar patternings, swim slowly in their wake to feed upon the unwariest suitors. Aquatic hobs, as well, dwell in the deepest depths, insular and disinclined toward visitors.

'REMEMBER: You swim at half Speed. Any extreme movements underwater require a Strength + Athletics [+ Equipment] roll. This includes attacking. Ranged weapons, unless specifically designed for underwater combat, WILL NOT WORK.

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