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H41 - Hedge - Isle of Tears

An oddly-shaped upthrust of granite encircled by sheer, albeit short, cliff walls, the island is not easy to clamber onto from the water (successful Str + Athl climbing roll needed). There are no gentle beaches, no kind slopes, on the path of the trod. OFF the trod, alternatives exist, but those have their own consequences.

The stone is grey and black, monochrome, granite absent Vermont's frequent hints of green. So is the stony soil, and the thorn bushes, and the animals, the trees... The entire island exists under a weary, monochromatic pall, worse the nearer one grows to the sheltered center of the space, trods winding through cracks in the rock at times barely wide enough to admit a walker at all.

There are clearings, here and there. Smooth. Lovely. Tempting. The bones from their last occupants' struggles are carefully swept away... for here, too, are dangers. Legend, in the case of the Isle of Tears, is all too real. Hobs and changelings alike, devoid of any impetus beyond cold practicality and physical need, haunt these shores, predatory, less than sane, and the longer you are here, the more like -them- you grow, the Hunters, the truly Lost.

Why would anyone come here? The Tears of Aomi. There are scattered trees, hidden deep within the island's mazy walls and thorns, which bear a glassy, teardrop fruit, willowy branches weeping down toward the earth. The fruits are precious, and damning, and no few fruit hunters fail to leave the island.

NOTE: this area has a supernatural effect which leeches warm feelings of any kind. See http://fatesharvest.com/w/Hedge/Isle_of_Tears for full details, and '+view here/empathy' for a summary of MANDATORY mechanics, please. Being here is a constant threat to your sanity and your life. You will attack your friends without remorse.

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