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H30 - Hedge - Mad Garden

There is a sense of order to the paths. Neat, tidy, paved in pale gravel, they have clearly been designed with care and exacting precision for detail, from the placement of statuary to conveniently located marble benches for their guests to rest their feet.

The fact that the statues are of humans in utter agony or fear, and that man-eating vines have also been conveniently located around the benches is, surely, also a logical decision, should one share the mindset of the Hedge.

Excepting the fact that nearly every plant in the garden is thorned, poisonous or actively trying to kill anyone who passes near its carefully tended bed, the place is quite lovely. Immensely colourful, really. Don't stare too long at the spinning flowers.

Occasional glimpses of a very mortal looking old manor house are visible in the lower sections of the maze of garden paths, though there seems no direct route toward it.

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