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H31 - Hedge - Suburban Sprawl

Ever gotten lost in the suburbs? More to the point, ever gotten lost in a housing development where every building is like its neighbour, side by side, cookie cutter homes with perfect yards and perfect shutters and perfect shingles and perfect hedges groomed to within a twig's breadth of their lives to avoid shading the perfectly planted, spaced and seasonal flowerbeds at their bushy feet? Yeah. That's this.

The homes on either side each have a gap in their immaculate hedges, guiding the way to the front door, though given the scent around some of the buildings, that may not be the brightest thought to put into action.

The roads wind on, and on, no matter which way a traveler passes, only faint hints in the wear of the asphalt giving any clear clue to whether or not one yet remains upon the trod. The street signs in a given section of the suburban sprawl share similar patterns, named after little birds, trees, wild beasts, torture implements...

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