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H27 - Hedge - Deep - Hedge Maze

The gateway between near and far, perhaps it shouldn't be surprising that the Hedge would manifest a very human maze, complete with glimpses, always far-off and out of reach, of a rather ordinary New England mansion. Trimmed oh so tidily by gardeners unknown, the dark and glossy green of privet leaves is nothing unfamiliar, no, nor is its occasional black berry where its small white flowers have been given leave to grow, the simple geometric arcs and straight, right-angled turns perfectly ordinary, at least until one notices how very narrow the turnings of side paths grow, or how the maze is prone to change with little warning and less care.

The earth underfoot is paved, loosely, with well-worn slates, lively green mosses filling in the spaces left between. The sky...is seldom visible beyond brief slivers where the arm-thick hedges have decreased in height.

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