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H26 - Hedge - Deep - Pool of Silent Singers

Set amidst a tangled maze of thorny berry canes and scattered shrubs, a lumpy, not entirely lovely pool has claimed the lowest land all for its own, chilly water lapping gently at the muddy shore. Scraggly trees strive to stretch twiggy fingers overhead, jagged leaves only vaguely resembling what might once have been maple of some variety, their silver trunks marked with the scrapes and cuts of the local wildlife's territorial design.

While its edges are mucky, their waters unclean, the heart of the pool is another story altogether: beautiful, positively unearthly, a glimmering silver something rests deep beneath the surface, reflecting back the light and images of all that passes over its mirrored shine.

The mirror-stuff, a gloopy fluid swift to tarnish when exposed to air, is not without its guardians. Glittering eyes beneath the surface warn of swimmers there, sharp teeth and claws and scales over a frame never designed for land, the merthings humanoid only by virtue of possessing two arms and a head. And their susceptibility to bribes... They do like meat. Any meat. If given suitable distraction, they aren't averse to letting wily visitors down to their prize. Their song, however, is mightily distracting, whether or not they mean it to be so, and never heard by those above the surface.

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