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EW03 - Wilderness - Mischance Mines

Abandoned since its closure in the mid 1950s, Mischance Mine remains a quietly dominant presence in the local landscape. Much of the forest around the mine entrance is dead, dying or struggling to regrow, the old, poorly maintained roadway leading directly to the great dark maw of the cave mouth.

When the wind is right after a rain, the tang of rust, of old steel framework rotting in the open air, lingers at the back of the tongue, aging machinery mingling with green-veined earth recovering underfoot. Large heaps of hauled-out stone and waste rock aren't as large as they could have been, and do show signs of some judicious removal, more recent machine tracks scarring the earth nearby.

Encapsulating the intrusion, quarantining, sheltering, the trees beyond the bubble of human influence are vibrantly alive, and while the road does trail off at a slant beyond the mine, it does so in far narrower state, the only tracks those of hoofprints and human feet.

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