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MN01 - Mischance Mine - Cave Entrance

The open cavern may once have been natural, but now that is true only in a geological sense, stalagmites long since broken off to level the inner ground. The outer edges of the cave mouth show signs of deliberate chiseling and shaping, supported here and there by rough timbers, curves squared off. A few of the largest columns, stalactites which have joined with their stalagmite counterparts, have been left as more natural support for the roof of the cave some twenty feet at its highest.

Metal rails, rusty but intact, chase curved trails through the space before disappearing down the tunnel at the back and slightly to the side which follows a faint green vein within the rock, very little left of it to see, heaps of waste rock piled up against the walls as added support where it doesn't impact the tracks. The mine carts are still here, and from the beer cans and occasional litter tossed inside of them, not everyone avoids the place.

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