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R04 - Tamarack Road - Patterson District

A long stretch located just far enough from the river for its quiet flow to go unheard, the Patterson District's northern edge is home to a number of small office buildings and local services, including an ancient laundromat which seems in a perpetual state of slouching toward its neighbouring buildings.

The brown-brick, steep-roofed Patterson Middle School occupies a good four acres of land leading back toward the base of Lewis Hill, its sports fields and auditorium often doubling as locations for community events. A few enterprising shops have sprung up in the vicinity, a florist, a candy store, but overall, the neighbourhood is all business, capped on its southern end by the staid presence of the local fire and police stations.

The market to the north offers a number of shops and eateries, the offerings across the unimaginatively named Patterson Bridge tending toward the more exotic. The Riverside area to the south is a splash of green park by the banks and large buildings off to the west, nearer the much-respected Four Hills.

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