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NPCs, or non-player characters for those unfamiliar, are the background of the game. Players are the hero(ine)s in the foreground.

Staff's general policy regarding players using NPCs is simple:

  • Never RP as a staff NPC. This includes things like plot NPCs, Family heads or, say, the heads of Courts without Player leadership. If a staffmember invented a specific, named NPC, no player should ever RP as that NPC.
If you want to talk to the NPC or have something in mind for behind-the-scenes interaction, send up a +req/NPC NPC NAME=Your reasons for contacting the NPC.
  • No non-Changeling Supernatural NPCs without staff permission. Every non-Changeling Super in this area is named, known and accounted for. They have specific roles and are already involved in specific storylines waiting for players to trigger them. Please don't say you wandered down the street and chatted it up with a Vampire or a Werewolf.
If you have a particular non-Changeling Super in mind for backstory interaction, keep them 20 miles away or more, and run it by staff before you use it, so we can log it for any future interactions with players.
  • Don't play an NPC created by another player. If you didn't create the NPC, don't RP like it is yours. Easy peasy.
Exception to this would be if the other player gave you permission to do it, of course.


Please see the House Rules/Merits page for our rules on Retainers and Staff.


Staff's policy on children in game is outlined in 'news children' and on the Children page. This touches on information in 'news age' and Age and both can be found via the Rules & Policies link in the wiki's sidebar to the left.

Summary, as pertinent to NPCs:

  • No underage NPCs as Retainers.
  • If you're involving a kid in a plot you're running, that's fine, but be extremely aware of USA laws for underage considerations.
In general, as long as there's no child pornography/abuse, you're safe. If there is, please leave Annapurna's game and expect your IP (for what it's worth, given how easy it is to change those) to be given to the police. It's nothing to joke about.
Anyone witnessing the above should immediately forward a log to staff.