Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage

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Bodhisattvas of the Broken Cage

Entitlement bodhisattvas of the broken cage.png

Social reformers that encourage individuals to break free from social mores and the rut of habit.

  • Titles: Bodhisattva, Agent of Change, Succubus/Incubus (often meant as offensive but not usually taken that way)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 2, Wits 3, Fleeting Spring 1, Mantle (Spring) 1



Their appearance constantly, subtly shifts and these changes are uncontrollable. Over time they can result in significant changes to the character's appearance. Eye and hair color, texture, skin tones, facial features, body shape, stature and voice can all shift, though rarely enough to fool those who see them regularly. Some even shift gradually from male to female or vice versa, though this takes months or years. One thing that does NOT shift is a golden glowing aura which emanates from them.


Bodhisattvas are trend-setters and free thinkers who want to push boundaries. They can be elitist bullies or muses, while some don't manipulate others but try to lead by example.


The organization of this entitlement is a refined version of the Spring Court. They don't often gather together, however.


Sprung Door (2 dot token) This token is some form of a broken door, while the stereotypical form being a tiny golden birdcage with a sprung door. This token can be used on any human or any Lost who is not part of this entitlement. It gives +3 to any social challenge involving an attempt to get the subject to break habits, try new things or otherwise push boundaries.

HR - Once per day, they may select a single target. The Bodhisattva gains a pool of dice equal to his own Wyrd score which may be split however he prefers on any actions related to furthering the "growth" of his chosen charge. Dice are not a damage bonus, but may be used as an attack bonus.



Elizabeth Fry
aka Cardinal
Spring Wizened

Carter Logan

Carter Lysander Logan
aka Carter
Spring Fairest

Entitlement Logs

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