Red Clover Lobby: D'villy Comes to Town, Mavis Hijacks Amity

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Red Clover Lobby: D'villy Comes to Town, Mavis Hijacks Amity

Amity, Audra, Mavis

29 September, 2019

Audra comes to town and rents a room, Mavis crashes the lobby to tell her friend, Amity, she's no longer unemployed.


The Red Clover Hotel

      An hour or so before sunset. It wasn't ideal for Audra, but she was evidently eager to get settled in before things got dark. The woman who enters the foyer is tall. Striking, even, given her distinctive features. She is dressed in professional attire, wrinkled from whatever transit she used to get here. She hauls two pieces of luggage - a hefty backpack and a rolling suitcase. It rattles as she drags it along behind her towards the front desk, idly brushing a lock from out of her face.

      Leaning against the counter and heaving a tiny sigh, she allows herself a moment to relax as she idly pings the bell, issuing summons to whoever mans the desk proper.

      Amity had been in the back room for only a few minutes, checking something or other, when the bell rang. Naturally, when she's away from her post is when someone shows up to need her! She brushes down her work uniform (dark gray blazer, dark gray slacks, brass nametag, sensible flats) and hurries back out to the front. Despite her hurry, she manages to appear entirely unruffled as she steps up to the desk and gives the best customer service smile one could imagine to the tall woman before her.
      "Good evening--welcome to the Red Clover Hotel. How may I help you?" It takes a moment for her brain to process that this person has a fae mien, but she doesn't allow the realization to shock her. Not outwardly, anyway.
      In all fairness, it may not be evident at first glance that the woman was a changeling. It's not until she opens her mouth in a small smile that all of the pieces are on the board, anyways. Her teeth - sharp, made for tearing. When she speaks, Audra's voice is low and soothing, though there persists a faintly scratchy undertone. "I'll be needing a stay, weekly." Fingers too-long slip into the breast pocket of her jacket and withdraw a credit card, which is is offered up to the clerk.

      It shouldn't be surprising to her, really. The whole town seems to be crawling with other changelings. She dips her head slightly at the request and begins to tap out a few things on the keyboard in front of her. Her own voice is thin and whispy, tending naturally towards soft-spoken tones. Amity glances up at the taller woman--the threads of gold glint in her hair--and reaches out to take the offered card. "Our extended stay rate is four-hundred fifty dollars for seven days, just to let you know, Miss Audra. My name is Amity, the concierge. I'll be happy to assist however you wish during your stay." She hesitates. That pause in the question contains... a lot. "I have been working here since mid-summer, Miss Audra."

      An Uber rolls up outside into the parking lot, stops for a moment, and out steps Mavis. There's a bit of pep in her step as she marches up to the Red Clover Hotel and opens the door to the lobby, grinning her goofy smile from ear to ear. That little gap between her two front teeth is displayed, but then she glances from the front desk clerk, Amity, to the guest, and her smile winks out after quickly reading the room. Business being conducted, simmer down, Mavis. She contains some of her elated energy, stands off against the side of the counter while trying not to be too nosy. To that end, Mavis reaches into her hoodie pocket and pulls out her phone to check some messages.

      The darkling's language is couched carefully to talk around certain words. "That's good - do you have any recommendations - I'd like to know if there are any good late-night diners around, maybe a twenty-four hour coffee shop?" She taps long fingers on the desk, tilting her head just a bit while she watches Amity work. "Places I ought to go in particular while I get settled in?" She shifts, letting her suitcase stand on its own as she adjusts her backpack's strap, slipping one off a shoulder to let it sag lazily off the other.

      "I plan on relocating here permanently in the coming week or so, but I thought I'd do a little visit first. See how things are before I fully commit." Her smile widens, more of those wicked teeth exposed. Audra perks up at the new arrival, turning to glance over one shoulder as she catches a hint of Mavis' arrival. There's a glance, a once-over. She steps aside as the mortal approaches the desk, giving her room to chat with the concierge.

      "There are a few places around. Most of them are in Tamarack Falls--I'd be happy to get a list together for you once you've settled in, of course." The mention of the other changeling movign in gets a small smile, this one less bright and wide, more subdued. More real, though, perhaps. "Well, I moved here for the job and I think I can say it's a pleasant place to live. Vibrant local culture. A very tight-knit community." Her eyes flick over to Mavis and then back to Audra. She runs the card, then slides it back across the counter as she begins making up a pair of room keys. She can't greet Mavis--not while she has someone else to take care of.
      Amity signs.
      Mavis turns to glance at the newcomer and gives a small, sympathetic smile. She was an out-of-towner too and smelled of fresh mortal. Actually, she smells a bit like someone who has spent some time out in the sunshine and, faintly, of honey and almond bodywash. Mortal, though. She's also a polite mortal, keeping a respectable distance away from the pair while business transactions are made. After a bit of poking through her text messages and e-mails, Mavis locks her phone screen and puts it back into her hoodie pocket. She bounces in her boots, then starts fidgeting and twisting a thumb ring 'round her finger as the good news she wants to share just burns right through her resolve.

      Finally, she says, "Hi," smiling at the gaunt woman, Audra. "I guess I'm your neighbor?" Mavis gives her a small wave. "Til the end of the week, anyway, then it's gettin' electric, water, and all that stuff set up at the new place. My name's Mavis," she introduces, stepping forward and pulling her light-brown hand out of her pocket to offer it out for a handshake. She wears a lot of rings, bites her fingernails, and has some callous. She beams a bright, gap-toothed grin and slides a victorious glance at Amity. "I work down at Ninth Spectrum Paintball."

      "Tamarack." Audra repeats the word, and it sounds as if she's swishing it about her mouth like a liquid. "That's good to hear. Your word carries some weight, after all." She purses her lips. "I would like to order some food to my room - famished after the trip. Are there any sushi places near here that deliver? And perhaps.." She gnaws on her lower lip, thinking. "A bottle of wine. White. How is the kitchen's selection, here?" The woman has a deep-seated need for such information, it would seem.

      The black-haired woman stretches, idly straightening her back and shifting from one leg to the other while she braces herself against the desk. Mavis' sudden approach gets a surprised jolt from the woman. "Ah. Neighbor?" It's uttered quickly, in a sharp staccato that is gone as soon as it appears. She is hesitant to shake hands, but that attitude either swiftly changes or is better hidden as Audra exchanges grips. "Audra D'villy. I'm with the District Attorney's office - for now." That last bit was tacked on, as if the situation were in limbo.
      "I should hope so, Miss." Amity allows a little pride to seep into her voice. Despite the trauma that's come with her new life, it's impossible not to feel a touch of professional pride in her work when someone gives earnest praise. The question about food gives her a brief pause. "Mm. I'm afraid there aren't any sushi restaurants in the immediate area, so I'm unable to make any good recommendations on that front. For the wine selection, however..." There's a pause as she seems to think, remembering something. "We offer a variety of local vintages. For white we have an Honora NV Sauvignon Blanc,vintage of 2017, a Chateau Vermont Bordeaux Blanc, vintage of 2016 and... a Boyden Valley Winery Seyval Blanc, vintage of 2018." She pauses for a moment as if waiting for a response, her glancing towards Mavis for a moment, though she doesn't betray a hint of happiness at Mavis' news. She's too well versed in the job she's doing. The keycards are slid across the counter in a small envelope.

      "Two cards, Miss D'villy. The wireless information is included there, and is complementary with your stay. We offer a free continental breakfast every morning between 6:30AM and 9:00AM. Is there anything else I can do for you?"
      Mavis absorbs that information, gnaws on her bottom lip, and then corrects herself, "It's nice to meet you, Audra." Her handshake is well-practiced and firm, but not too tight and a touch brief on account of Audra seeming a little surprised by her. Mavis tucks her hand back into her hoodie pocket with the other one, assuming that it was her own scruffy presentation that put the lawyer-lady off. "District Attorney's office, wow. That's wicked," Mavis breezes, rocking back on her heels, and smiling with her hands linked together inside of her hoodie pocket. "I bet you get some crazy cases, but you're not allowed to talk about 'em."

      She shuts her trap while Amity does her job like a very good, little worker bee. Mavis shoots her a grin of pride and rolls her eyes a little at her friend playing her role as the dutiful concierge. Helpfully, Mavis shares that, "The breakfast isn't bad, really. I think I'm gonna miss it when I leave."

      There's a sorrowful lament from the attorney. "None? Where's the closest one?" She emphasizes closest, a needy hunger in her voice. "Ahh, hrm. I'd like the bordeaux blanc - I'll take it in my room." She accepts the cards as they're handed over, juggling the two conversations without missing a beat. Her attention returns to Mavis as she stuffs the cards in her pocket and withdraws a phone, tapping away idly as she does some searching of her own. "Well, most of my cases are a matter of public record. That said, I was working over New York for the most part. I've only been in contact with the state's office for a short while."

      She sets her backpack down on the counter and bites her lip, glancing back to Amity. "Could I have my things taken to my room? I think I'll go for a walk, find a bite before I come back for the night." She glances between the Mavis and Amity, gesturing vaguely. "And, by all means, don't let me interfere." There's an informal sort of politeness there, an understanding of how the chatelaine might be bound by her station.

      "As I understand it, it's about... thirty miles south of here in Barre, Miss D'villy. Outside of delivery range, sadly. I'm not sure they even offer delivery, to tell the truth..." They really are out in the sticks here, Audra. Sorry. Amity's smile remains pleasant, as always. "And I'll have that sent to your room, Miss D'villy, right away." She gestures towards one of the lingering other attendants who hurries over to take the baggage. The order for wine is relayed via telephone in a quick, murmured conversation and then it is placed back into the receiver.

      "Of course, Miss D'villy. If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to ask. We'll be happy to accommodate you as best we can. If there's anything we can do to make your stay a little more comfortable, do let us know." She waits for a moment, until sure that Audra needs nothing more and she turns her attention to Mavis.

      "Congratulations on the new job, Mav." Her joy is genuine, even if her expressions remains muted. "I knew you'd find something."
      "Oh, cool, cool," she says, sounding distracted. Mavis seems happy to meet Audra and curious enough about her, but also a little eager to see the woman go. There's nothing personal to it, but clearly there is something that the moral is eager to discuss with her friend. Amity might not have broken her script, but Mavis' familiarity had to have some context for basis and she doesn't exactly try to hide the fact that she's lingering around to catch Amity's ear alone. "I won't go, like, stalking you online or anything. Seems weird, I don't even social media," explains Mavis, shrugging with her hands still hidden in her pocket. She withdraws the left one to wave Audra goodbye, bidding her, "Run into you later at the vending machine or something," then she kind of frowns and doubts it, given her glimpse of Audra's rather more refined tastes. Biting her lip, she peeeeks back over at Amity behind the counter, waiting for her to say something while trying not to squee with glee until Audra was out of earshot. She laughs when called out so politely and calls out, "Haha, sorry! I just wanted to share good news with my friend here." She smiles and... could you really be mad at her?

      Amity has barely set down the receiver of the phone when Mavis starts to gush, "One of those ads you circled paid off!" Had Amity circled Ninth's Spectrum's hiring ad? She waits longer STILL for Amity to finish up with Audra D'Villy, finally able to speak freely when Amity's attention settles on her. "I went up today to the paintball range, filled out an application, and this November chick interviewed me on the spot. Said I was a bloody unicorn if I knew how to operate power tools without hurtin' myself and hired me right there, seems pretty nice too." She bounces on in her boots, pulling her hands out of her pockets to throw them up in disbelief at her brazen luck. "And! November told me to see one of the girls who works there, Emily-- Em-- about carpoolin' in. Shouldn't be a problem so long as I chip in for gas, which is way cheaper than gettin' an Uber."

      The situation has grown.. Difficult. Audra looks downright depressed at the news about her lack of options. She nods somberly, confirming with her phone that nowhere near by could even be considered sushi-adjacent. The fish-houses seem especially suspect, judging by the darkling's expression as she flips through their reviews. "That's alright. I'll manage." Her phone is returned to a pocket and she turns to stare at Mavis for a moment, seemingly unsettled by the remarks. "That's - that's alright." The idea of being stalked by a mortal almost elicits a small laugh, though it is restrained to a toothy grin. "I'm sure we'll cross paths. I'm something of a morning person, after all. That breakfast is sounding nicer by the minute. Good luck with the house."

      With that, Audra turns heel and departs, her tall figure straightening out slowly before she heads for the door - and from there, departs into the city at large to stalk about as night falls swiftly.

      "Enjoy your walk, Miss D'villy!" Well. That situation is handled, then. Audra has departed, leaving Amity alone with Mavis again. She turns more fully towards Mavis and leans on the counter, her countenance relaxing as she shucks off the full customer service mode to speak with her friend. She's happy for Mavis, really! It's hard not to be, considering how she'd shown up the other day...

      "Oh, that's great! Sounds like it'll be a great way to hit the ground running, I think." Her expression falters, just briefly and almost unseen, at the mention of November's name. Oh. God. "I've met November once or twice. She's... well, I'm sure that if she says that you'll do well there, then she's bound to be right." You can't very well say 'Hey Mavis don't do it, she's like two steps from being a True Fae herself' can you? Not when you want to have a future in this community. Still... it worries her. A little. "I'm glad you've got someone to carpool with, too. Getting around here without transportation would be awful."

      Mavis watches the tall, lanky D'Villy woman carry herself out on sharp heels then peers back at Amity with a somewhat apologetic smile. Any expression of dismay that cross Amity's features over the mention of November's name is chalked up to Mavis breaking social etiquette to prematurely share her news with her friend.

      "I know, right? Talk about lucky," she gratefuls with a disbelieving shake of her head, "then again mom always said to try to roll when I hit the ground. That was after I fell forty-eight feet," Mavis shares with a light laughter that contrasts her morbid telling. "I've always been kind of.. unlucky? I guess, but things shake out right in the end. November pays her people pretty damn well too- Hey, I was thinkin'..." The artist pauses and tucks her hair back behind the shells of her ears, clearing her throat a bit ceremoniously. "If you're not doing anything tonight, I was going to order some pizza. Figured it's cheaper than a run into town and... Well, I wanted to celebrate getting the new job." She flushes a little. It was kind of irresponsible, but it wasn't like $30 bucks blown on pizza was going to put her into irreparable debt. "We could find a movie on the tv-tube, snarf down on cheesy carbs and pepperoni's."

      Amity blinks at the invitation and a typical, muted smile breaks onto her face. "Ah...that sounds really nice, honestly," she admits. "Though..." She frowns and glances at the clock, her brow furrowing for a moment. She would have to go back to work the next day but... the offer from a friend sounded like a great way to blow off some steam at the end of the work day. "I think I'd love to do that. I have a change of clothes in my locker so. I can change and meet you there once I get off the clock, yeah? We need to celebrate the new job and all."

      That goofy smile returns, beaming white and sliver-gapped between Mavis' top, front teeth. She pokes her tongue out, bites down on the tip, and just grins til her ears lift a little, teensy bit. "I've got some jammies you can borrow, they might be a little baggy on you," she warns Amity with a warm laugh. It was far easier for the human to do that. "They're big on me and you're kinda a string bean, string bean. I think I got a spare hotel toothbrush, too, that I didn't need 'cos.. y'know.. I brought my own?"

      There's a confused moment from Amity. She thought they were going to watch a movie but uh, apparently that also meant a sleepover? In her own hotel? Amity hesitates. She hadn't brought clean underwear or anything to work, expecting that she'd need to go home at the end of the day. And besides that it's a one-bed hotel room! She lets out a low breath, thinking. "Ah. I think that would be nice, I just didn't realize it was a sleepover. I... um. Well..." She trails off, tries to workout the best way to answer. "...If you'd like to have me over, then I'd love to join you, let me put it that way." A faint snort. "And I am not a string bean."

      Mavis' hazel eyes to that rapid-blink thing and her eyebrows both raise. "Oh!" she goes, clearing her throat while turning her toes toward one another and scuffing the top of one shoe with the other. "I mean, you don't gotta. I kind of thought that's what you meant about changing clothes, because..." She smacks her hand to her forehead. Way to go, Mavis, you weirdo. "But-- yeah! Yeah, that makes sense. Sorry, I just.. I'm used to havin' roommates so pizza and sleepovers aren't.. that uncommon? Gees, sorry, I probably sound like some kinda spaz." The dusky-skinned artist chuckles a bit awkwardly about it. "For alls you know, I could be some bloodthirsty serial killer. I'm not! Just.. so you know."

      Amity gives a shake of her head. It's a good-natured one, though. She straightens a little and tries to clarify things. Better to keep things simple, right? "I appreciate the invitation--and I don't think you're some kind of bloodthirsty killer, really. I don't know how anyone could thing that. Besides, I've dealt with worse." Was that a joke? It had to be a joke, right? "I'll come around after I get off work. See you then?"

      Mavis laughs, too, she's not sure how someone could mistake her to be some terrifying serial killer either. All menacing five-foot-four of her. There's a bit of strength in her limbs, but Mavis wasn't going to be doing chin-ups anytime soon. Suppose she could poison people, if she really wanted to murder 'em, but the point is: Mavis isn't that kind of person.
      "Yeah, I'll see ya then. Going to go shake down the vending machine for some snacks to tide me over," she decides, feeling her pockets for some change to feed the coin slot. "See you in a bit! Think about what kinda pizza you want, just... nothin' with anchovies. It's not that I don't like 'em, but they sorta.. well- stink." And she'd never get that smell out of her hotel room.