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RT07 - Fort Brunsett - Patterson Bridge

The Patterson Bridge is a low, sturdy affair with stone railings and broad pedestrian walkways. Newer, or at least, refurbished more recently than the Tambridge or Stagbridge north and south, traffic between the bustling business district and residential areas on either side is atrocious during rush hour, even with two lanes on either side.

Quite businesslike and to the point, there are no statues on this bridge, and nothing particularly memorable carved into the stone, its form utilitarian and precisely as strong as it needs to be to do its job. Cigarette butts litter the sides of the road, along with leaves and other detritus not yet blown off into the waters of the River Tam flowing beneath. Too low for ship traffic, kayakers are nonetheless frequent aquatic passersby.

The traditional brick and stone edifices of the western bank are a stark contrast with the modern hustle of the bright lights on the east, ambulances often wailing, lights flashing, along the bridge to reach the hospital past Patterson and south to Riverside.

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