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Where Fire Flees, Where Bell Sounds, Do Changelings Wander to?
The Mischance Mine. It is a dangerous place. The locals warn their children away from it. Rumors abound of an old witch who used to live near it. Even older rumors said men with iron bound up something within to prevent it from escapeing.

One night in the Spring/Summer of 2018, foxfire erupts from the mine, green fire that flows through the air and flees whatever was inside. And at the same time, a bell sounds through the Wyrd, a bell that only changelings and those that can see their true Mien can hear. Something has been uncovered in the bottom of Mischance mine... what is it?

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Ben Utridge, Autumn Ogre
Seven, Courtless Beast.
Uschi, Moon Ogre.
Additional Information

May 26th, 2018

Several people are talking:

  • "Did you see?" The man in a suit says to the cafe attendant "Last night I swear the old mine lit up like a roman candle. Fire everywhere, green fire. It spurted out of the old mine like a hundred thousand fireworks going off at once, and just fled into the surrounding forest! And after that wildfire last week I'm surprised we didn't have another!"
  • "Dearie," Grandma scolds her grandchildren "That light last night was foxfire, and don't you go thinking that it has anything to do with none of that glowing mold your mother says. That was true Faerie Flames, and that is why you don't go playing on the bridges over the River Tam, you hear me? You donnae want to be ending up like Little Suzie last year and go missing, do you?"
  • "We're lucky," The volunteer firefighter says over a round at the bar, "Whatever set off that explosion at the mine didn't catch anything else on fire. We barely got the last one contained, another one, this one spawned by some unstable chemicals... that would be the worst..."

May 26th, 2018

On the six o'clock local news...

"... and that is what makes a good football coach. Perseverance. And now, Michael with a story about the old mine, Michael?"

"Thanks Thomas. Two nights ago an explosion occured within the old mine east of Tamarack Falls. The mine, which has been shut down for years now and played out, still might have dangerous explosives in it, according to local historian Janet Rickter."

The scene cuts to Janet outside near a local road, presumably near the mine.

"Oh, yes, well. The mine was used for years you know, and there were many different techniques that were used in getting down to the ore. Explosives would have been a common method for getting past hard to break up rock formations under ground. The mine has been closed and cleared out for a very long while but you never know exactly what might have been left in there. It is very possible that some containers were breached by weather - water you know, dripping down - and exposure to the air and time causing the chemicals could have set off the explosion. Green fire is odd ya know, but ..." The scene cuts back to Michael at the study

"First Responders say there is nothing to worry about - the fire burned itself out quickly and did not catch any of the surrounding wilderness a blaze. Officials remind residents that Mischance Mine is a condemned facility, and trespassing is strictly illegal. It is a dangerous place where there is a very high chance of someone being injured or killed should they explore the very unsafe environment. And now, the weather..."


May 26th, 2018

In the Library of Fate's Harvest:

It takes a few days of research to find what you are looking for. But on the fifth day burried in the library, you finally find an old dusty tome.

You come across many different things; various rumored contracts that could do the trick, Tokens and abilities by other Supernatural races that might be similiar. However, one thing catches your eye on the last day of your research:

This scrap of a journal was found in a pile of aging books that had not been cataloged yet. No one asked is quite certain where the pile came from, but it has always been there - An old Changeling questioned about the pile indicated that it was received as part of a donation by a dying changelings last wish just after the formation of the freehold. More information has not yet been discovered.

The scrap is written by one Dorotea Senjack, Autumn Vizier, and adviser to a King Bomaz of the Freehold of The Barrow. She writes of an event that very nearly wiped out all the changelings of that freehold, and came to be known as 'The Night of Thirteen Sons.'

Within the scrap of her journal that remain, she speaks of a night where 13 brothers arrived at the Freehold, demanding entrance and sanctuary. They were on the run, they said, from a vicious member of the Gentry referred in the document only as The Amber Moon of The Stormy Night. However, they had managed to retrieve information on Three of its titles, and at least one of those titles was the Actor that strode after them.

A battle ensued as the Amber Moon arrived with a tremendous ringing bell that sent most changelings to their knees. Most of the freehold perished in the resulting action, but at least two Titles were stripped from the Gentry's grasp that night through great sacrifice. They were sent in opposite directions to be burred and forgotten. One went north, reported to be left in the bottom of a crumbling mine. The other went south.

That is all the information that is to be found relating to such things like 'a bell noise only changelings can hear'

Foxfire on an Amber Moon
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Storyteller: Shelley
Setting: The Mischance Mine
Timeframe: Summer 2018
Status: Active

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