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The Book: Information Meeting

"And there's Google..."


Gina, Logan, Byron, Ashe


The Custodian Elect schedules a special meeting of the Custodians to talk about the possibility of two ancient books being acquired.


The Whelan Chronicle

Ashe had called a special meeting together, that meant there was something wrong, or there was news. Either way people were asked to meet in the conference room of the Whelan Chronicle at about eight this evening. There's folders set out on the table where people can sit and look over them. Ashe's laptop is set up with the projector. On the side table there are snacks and drinks that are usually set out during meetings.

Ashe herself is seated in front of her laptop. Uvall is perched on the top of it and making little sounds as she types. Something is said to her in a different language and she answers him in the same language. Bat friends for life apparently. The door is open for people to head on in and have seats.

Byron really has no excuse for being late since, well he lives upstairs and knows damned well when Ashe heads out for the meeting, so it only takes him a little longer to lock up and thump his way downstairs, humming under his breath, before nudging the conference room doors open to peek inside. Ducking his head a bit before stepping in, little wings fluttering and resettling as he murmurs, "It was so quiet, I wasn't sure if I got the location wrong or not." A few moment's consideration and the huge obsidian gargoyle finds a spot in a corner close by Ashe's end of the table to perch, seating himself on his haunches rather than potentially destroying a chair.

Logan is prompt, breezing in in a blaze of light and dressed casually in a soft blue t-shirt, white modern chinos, and blue Toms on his feet. He grabs a bottle of water and takes a seat at the table, immediately flipping open a folder -- after smiling and nodding at Ashe and Byron, of course. "Good evening."

Ashe looks up when Byron comes in and there's a bit of a smile, "Nah, just getting things set up." she tells him. Then there's a look to Logan when he comes in and there's a smile to him as well, "Good evening." she states to him. "I apologize that we've got another meeting, but something has come up and I wanted to get you all up to speed on things." she admits. "The folders contain information on the matter as well." she nods to the table. The Uvall hops down and hits the enter button on the laptop to change over to the projector.

Byron cranes himself forward to get a better look at the material she's put out for people to look at, offering a bow of his head and a murmured, "Evening.." to the seated Logan." One brow is raised in curiosity, but for the moment he contains any questions that might come up, turning his attention to the presentation the little bat is starting.

Logan sits straight and tall in his seat, his attention moving from the folder up to the projector. He intentionally dims the light around him to make things easier to see -- the shadow always eating away at the light grows stronger instead, overtaking the light until it's positively dark around Logan.

Gina was late. She winces, messenger bag over her shoulder ND little stubby head antennae were faintly bent apologetically. The alien didn't mean it, it was just part of who she was. Busy as hell. "Oooooh my god I'm like the anti-Telluric I swear. she muted the screen on her phone and dropped into a seat next to Logan on the end and gave Ashe an upnod of 'yo.'

Ashe picks up Uvall and sits him down on the table top. From there he struts about the wood and then heads for Byron. Ashe then looks up when Gina comes in and there's a smile, "You're fine. We were just about to get started. So grab a snack and have a seat and I'll pull things up." she tells the Alien. Then she stands up, "So one of the things that we do as Custodians is research knowledge when it's brought to our attention." she states. "Recently Garrett has come across evidence of two ancient books that we might want to add to the library. Or at least get them long enough to copy over their information to add." she muses.

Byron sits back on his haunches to listen again, eyeing the little bat for a moment longer, but shifts his attention back to Ashe. With a bit of hesitation, he asks, "Has he mentioned what it would cost to acquire the books permanently? Copying information means whoever does the copying could screw something up..."

Logan pays very close attention to Ashe, although Uvall does get a small smile from him. Then again, his smile is rather perpetual. "And what is the nature of these books, precisely?" He does not sound skeptical, just curious. Interested. Invested.

Ashe gives a thoughtful look to each of them and then she speaks, "They aren't for sale in the terms of money and things. But they also aren't known to the general public." she points out. "I think we should confirm that they actually do exist. I know Garrett found the information, but gave it to me to see what I decided." she admits. "Supposedly one is the Egyptian Book of the Dead and the other is called The Gospel of Lazarus. I'm guessing it was not written by Lazarus himself. But we've heard it mentioned in Occult circles before." she tells them.

Gina followed Logan's question with her own, "I'm guessing it's not on Audible. I'm glad they have inviting titles. I'm certain nothingg bad can come from those being found." Oh satire, we missed you. "So why the revival interest?"

Byron smiles, just a little, at Gina's comment about Audible, but stifles it quickly. Instead he digests the commentary and answers from Ashe. He glances back over at the screen for a moment, then at Gina and Logan, before asking, "So how should we go verify? I take it whoever owns both of them is probably not aware we might be interested, or might not be willing to part with them?"

Logan folds his golden, manicured hands on the table, nodding as Ashe gives more information. "Sure," he says, brilliant blue eyes glowing a little brighter. "Those are both very well known. And original copies of these are within our grasp?" He sounds positively delighted by this, although Ashe did say it needed to be confirmed that they exist. He glances to Gina with a small smile and then to Byron, then back to Ashe, curious to see how she will answer Byron's question, as well as possibly his own.

"The revival interest was mainly due to someone contacting Garrett about the dead being brought back to life. Now we don't know if someone actually used the book to bring someone back to life, but we should check it out." Ashe explains. "More importantly is that these two books were stolen about five years ago, so if anyone has black market connections, that may be helpful in locating them. The location that we have is down the coast, but I don't want to send someone by themselves if it's some sort of joke." she states. "We don't know if they books are together, but the Book of the Dead is the one we have the most information on at the moment. And easier to probably persuade whoever has it." she nods to this.

Gina considered and wondered out loud, the ends of the nubby olive antennae glowing faintly, and the black eyes of hers looking curious, "Weeee could try to scan surface thoughts and see what they want, know or hidig? Unethical but I'm not saying go full men in black here. To verify legitimacy. Or see what the internet's got to say. I'm reaching obviously."

Byron licks the corner of his mouth lightly and folds his arms across his chest, so he can lean forward and rest his elbows on his knees, with how he sits, "It sounds like the one that would be of the most, well, interest, anyway. Who or what is there to act on to locate it? Someone, I'm sure, knows a trick that should help, right?" He pauses, then grins at Gina, "Like...Google."

"I wonder if Max's psychic prowess could be helpful here," Logan suggests idly. Though Max is not present, of course. "She has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. Rather a gifted investigator, too," he has to admit. But he smiles at the others, as everyone loves the internet too, don't they? Everyone loves the internet!

Ashe brings two pictures up on screen, both of the books that show are very old and tattered booked, but seem to have stood up to the years. They look like they'd smell like an old library. Or a dead person. It was hard to decide. She then looks to them, "There might be internet stories that support some of the findings, but for now, Garrett will be the point of contact on this given he's one of the Custodian Mentors." she states. "Gina, if you want to do internet research, please do. Logan, if you want to help with that you can. Right now certifying that they are legit is the first thing. Then we can plan out where to go from there." she nods. "Does that sound alright to everyone?" she asks with a smile. "And yes, Max is definitely a boon to have around with her powers. I've seen her in action more than once." she adds.

Gina nodded in support. "Yeah I can just grab surface thoughts. more like a local AP, I can't go all broadband like a psyker can. I'd be happy to dig into the underground though and see what sniffs. Logan could you ask her?" Her too-large eyes looked tup to Byron with a wry grin, "Like the Google. More like Great Googly Moogly, but yes. Something like that."

Byron thinks about that for a moment and nods, "I can always reach out to Max and float an idea past her and see what she might say she can do? Then touch base with everyone else and work out what we should do next? It sounds like, at least for the book of the dead, it would be better if we actually acquired and kept the book. As long as we have a good place to, protect it. I imagine it might get sought after?"

"Let me ask her, Byron," Logan says with a smile, turning from Gina to the large gargoyle. "I think I'd be better suited for that than Google research, although I don't mind lending a hand there. Max and I see each other quite frequently, however, and have worked together in the Custodians before."

"I don't care who asks her. Byron is the one that brought Max into the Freehold and things. You both have connections to her and this is her group as well. So just someone ask her." Ashe states with a chuckle. "So Gina is on Internet. One of you can talk to Max. I'll be posting to the other Custodians to see where else we can shore things up at." she tells them.

Byron bows his head at the exchange, "Whatever works is best. I am...attempting to be the helpful recruit that has not established an area I am helpful in yet, so by all means, go ahead. If there is something I can be helpful with, I trust someone will let me know." He even smiles a little at that and settles back, shifting his attention back to Ashe, "I think I missed it, but what was the name of the other book Garrett had mentioned?"

Gina said helpfully, Yeah I can abuse my tin foil hat brigade. Someone's got to know something, and if they don't they'll find it incase of...reasons. There's also an entire subreddit cult dedicated to first edition collections and some others. We got options without looking weird."

Logan looks from Ashe to Byron, then holds up a hand. "I wasn't aware that was you, Byron. By all means -- you're a recruit, you should absolutely speak to Max." He offers his own bright and lovely smile, then glances over at Gina. "I've heard those kind of people can be very passionate. You're certain to find something there, though I assume you'll check the credibility." Because they're crackpots. Though he doesn't say that aloud, of course.

Uvall starts to swiggity swooty his way back over to Ashe when she closes the laptop and brings the lights back up. "I'm going to get Garrett to contact everyone as well this week. So don't be startled if a rather creepy Darkling calls you." she muses. "For now, that's all the information I have, but we'll have more by Custodians meeting time I'm guessing." she smiles. Then she looks to Byron, "It's called the Gospel of Lazarus, but is not a biblical text. So I'm interested to see what it is exactly." she admits. Then there's a look between Logan and Byron, "Or you guys could go together? I'm not worried on the specifics really. You both are her friends, so probably good for one of you to ask. And it's work related." she offers. "If you guys want to take snacks or drinks, please do so." she smiles.