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Sneaking Up on Maddox

Maddox and Etsy

27 June, 2017

Paying back Maddox for stealing her turkey leads to Etsy getting steak.



Once upon a time there was a mermaid whose food was taken by a robot. Once upon a time the mermaid bit the robot and it did kinda hurt her teeth. Once upon a time, a mermaid thought about how she was going to go about Getting Back At the robot.

So it is that once upon a time at a junkyard, ... nothing happened. The sun went down, the lights come on where they come on, and there was no mermaid there. At least, not that anyone can see. If there were a mermaid around, maybe she'd be walking right through the mighty brick wall of the junkyard, carrying an old-fashioned doctor's bag in one hand. Humming to herself. Casually looking for Maddox.

Maddox is many things. Hard to find is not one of them. The junkyard is technically closed for the night, but the lights are still on. And while the compaction equipment isn't going, the bulldozers are shut down, the junkyard isn't completely quiet, no.

It's filled with the sound of barking, with an occassionally thump or yelp now and then. As Etsy approaches the open area in front of the shop and trailer, she'll see an electric half-man, half-machine running around, sparks trailing, as two dogs chase him. One is some sort of Rottweiller mix - with what, it's hard to tell. The other is some sort of hairless dog with a tuft of fur on his head and a gray dog sweater that's a bit town up and grease stained - A Peruvian hairless dog, not so common in these parts. One big, thick, furry. The other slightly smaller, lean, unfurred. Both equally ecstatic as they chase Maddox around.

The Elemental has a steak in each hand, and is clearly leading them on this chase. Until he turns and spots Etsy suddenly approaching. He stops and the meat is immediately dropped. He runs a hand through his hair and tries to look casual. Nevermind that now he has steak juices in his hair. Electricity reacts to the moisture, crackling.

The dogs go for the steaks, tails wagging, mowing them down. Maddox grunts, scowls, glares. And finally, he growls, "What the fuck are you doing here? We're closed and shit. Can't anybody ready a goddamend /sign/?" The last seems a bit tense. Hobs and unexpected visitors on the GO AWAY, now people showing up at his junkyard while he's totally /working/. Stupid people.

He tries to look as grumpy as possible.

She was invisible, mind, until she came upon him playing with his dogs. Maybe she intended to slide out behind him in Twilight and put a dead fish on his head. Maybe she was going to dump a warm beer on his crotch. Whatever plans she had, however, the Fairest cannot improve on the moment that plays out before her, and so, at exactly the right place for him to turn around and find her smiling most innocently at him, lips pressed together and curved up at the corners, green eyes sparkling gold, that old-fashioned doctor's bag hanging from her hands clasped together in front of herself? She slides back out of Twilight.

And waits.

It doesn't take long at all before her presence is in fact noticed, her eyes glittering all the more brightly at his discomfiture.

"Oh, a goodness no, a mermaid cannot reads a sign. Only a Courier, is no needing to reads anythings," she answers with a mock gasp, exaggerated, as if she might be come over with the vapors and collapse onto the nearest heap of garbage for her fainting couch. "Just such a silly mermaids, how could Etsy read a signs?" She rocks back and forth on her feet, barely touching the ground if at all. "Too bad a mermaids noticing the niceness of a Maddox to the doggos. Gosh."

Maddox doesn't seem to catch any of the sarcasm. In fact, his eyebrows furrow slightly as she carries on about fainting and not being able to read. He growls, "Sounds like the stupidest thing I ever fucking heard. How are you going to read goddamned road signs? Or addresses? Or any of that shit. I get they don't want people reading their messages and crap, but that's what fucking /code/ is for. What a bunch of morons." He thinks she's being serious.

"You collapse, that's going to be an added fucking fee. This isn't a goddamned hospital, or a fucking b rated horror flick, or a fucking concert with some teenage castro fucking singing about love and shit. Keep it together." He rolls his eyes, though, indicating that the she he's seeing now is not the shee he saw earlier.

He's then moving away from her, back towards the trailer. "C'mon Tick, Tock, time for fucking duty."

On the side of the trailer is a hook where a couple of collars hang. He snags them, then moves to put them around the dogs' necks. These ones are simple, black, and have some sort of small contraption attached to them. That done, dogs ready for duty, he turns back to her. Assuming she followed him. She might have disappeared again. Or be re-planning the fish attack.

"You want a fucking beer? Or, fuck, I got more steak." it isn't cooked, but Maddox doesn't really think that's a concern for Etsy, all things considered.

Her wide sea-change eyes stare at him during his long diatribe, and finally, Etsy answers him, "For a smart robots, Maddox, sometimes, you really dumb." Esther shakes her head, little flowers jostled by the motion, as her eyes stay -- as best he can tell -- focused on him. "Is a sarcasms. Of course mermaids can fucking read. How else is supposed to knowings the boats we turns over, and the boats we leaves alone?" She snorts, wandering a little closer toward him. Despite her previous play-acting, she doesn't seem to be about ready to keel over. Quite the opposite: she skitters toward where the dogs are being readied for junkyard dog duty, watching with curious eyes. "Oh, a meats, yes, is goods. I have a meads, in the bags."

Maddox narrows his eyes at Etsy's words about being a dumb robot. "Well if you were a smart fucking mermaid, you'd just say what you fucking meant and not bother with all this 'sarcasm' shit. That's for people who have a need to prove themselves socially because they don't have anything fucking else to offer except their usually shit-poor wit. You're better than that shit."

He shakes his head, then snorts, "You'd better not come anywhere near my goddamend boat, you want to flip it, because I got fucking /defenses/. I'll use them, don't you fucking doubt it. That's my boat." This seems to be Maddox's version of casual conversation, as he does seem to be relaxing a bit. Not a lot, enver a lot - he's leeking electricity, it's hard to relax.

He grunts, then makes a 'stay' gesture towards her, like he would with Tick and Tock, before he heads into the trailer to fetch another slab of steak from the fridge. That's all he keeps in there. Leo tends to leave take out for Maddox when he's not in the Hedge, so the fridge is for the dogs. And apparently Etsys.

"And you have a pretendings that you do not like me," Etsy chides, shaking her head with mild amusement as she follows him, carrying that old bag in her right hand. She hums absently to herself as she drifts along, wandering back and forth. "It's okay, Maddox, I am liking you also. Do not have a worries." As if he were really really worried about whether the mermaid likes him. It was a serious priority for him, to be sure.

"Flipping of a boats is only for people a mermaids does not liking," she answers absently. BUt then? There's a fridge full of meat, and she doesn't even really notice the fact that he just made a stay gesture at her like she's some sort of dog. Esther's brilliant eyes light up almost literally, and her fingers twitch. "Is a meats?" she trills.