Log:Peggy and Damion at the Iron Church

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Peggy and Damion at the Iron Church

"So...do you have any experience at all fighting? Or even practicing how to fight?"


Damion and Peggy

27 November, 2017

Following Dielle's advice, Peggy goes to the Iron Church in search of Damion.


The Iron Church (R07)

Peggy has been directed to the Iron Church by her new hero, Dielle, and so she finds her way there soon enough. Stepping inside in her probably too-thin winter coat and boots, she peers about with big blue eyes. She makes her way to the desk. "Hello? Is Damion around?" She has a pleasant enough voice.

The person on duty studies the woman for a few moments before pushing a button. "Mr. King, somebody at the front desk to see you." There's nothing for a while, then the owner of the place is approaching. He's considerably taller than her, about a foot and a half. And he probably outweighs her by several times. Most of that seems to be muscle. The bald Fairest is wearing a sleeveless black workout tee with the name of the gym on the front, and a pair of gray sweatpants. Sneakers are on his feet. When he sees her, his eyes briefly shift to her hair before returning to the woman. He offers her a big, black-nailed hand and smiles. His teeth are also black. "Hello there. You were wanting to see me?"

Peggy stares. Her blue eyes get bigger as the man approaches, and her lips part a little. She's a little stunned. Still, her hand comes out to tuck into his for a shake. It is very little in his hand. "You're Damion? Um. Yes. I was talking to Dielle about, um, training? And she mentioned coming here and talking to you. My name is Peggy." A quick glance aside at the receptionist, then back to him. She releases his hand.

Damion shakes firmly, but not hard enough to hurt. "I see." He glances at the receptionist too, then turns. "Come walk with me." He waits until they're a bit away, and steers away from other gym members. "So. Training. Any particular kind you're looking for?" He looks down at her. "Since you were sent by Dielle, I'm assuming you're cool and all. Though I don't think I've seen you around before. New to the area, are you?"

Peggy's head bobs, which sets her ponytail swinging. Her mantle, while faint, is Summer, so there's that. "I am. Pretty recent, really. I'm only just settling in?" It comes out like a question. "I've sworn. As for training... um. Kind of everything. Sword would be good. Fighting hand to hand. Some kind of distance weapon. And I need to get, um, stronger. Physically. Faster, too, probably. Basically everything."

Damion nods his head as he listens. "Mmm. I see. And pretty fresh from the other side too, if I'm not mistaken? I remember how that was." He gives his head a little shake. "Well, I should be able to help you out I think. You can do basic physical training here of course." He motions at the various motions at the various machines, mats and weights around them. "And I can show you how to throw a punch. My main focuses in hand to hand are boxing, and... well. I guess you'd call it street fighting? Less refined." He points towards one of the doors leading from the main area. "Boxing gym is in there." He points to another. "Pool and sauna and such are through there." His voice is notably deep. A warm, smooth bass rumble. Occasionally when he talk a forked tongue can be seen briefly peeking between his lips. "Lets see... I can show you how to use a sword, though not here obviously. And I can show you how to use either a gun or a bow. Or throwing knives if that's your thing, though it's not something I specialize in."

Peggy's lower lip curls under; she bites it lightly for a moment before releasing. "Um. Well. Kind of fresh? It's been a few months." Her cheeks turn a bit gold. Perhaps her version of a blush. "All of that sounds good. A bow or gun sounds good. Don't guns work funny, in the... you know? The Hedge?" They are alone, but her voice is pitched quiet.

Damion nods to her. "Yeah. They do tend to work weird in there, unless you have a Hedgespun gun. So a lot of people prefer bows. I use a revolver usually, though I've been thinking about grabbing a bow too." He stops and rests a hand on his hips. "So...what are you wanting to focus on anyway? Power or precision?"

Peggy raises her hands up to chest level and twines her fingers together. "Maybe a bow, then. I don't have Hedgespun anything. I'm not even entirely sure what that is" She exhales in a bit of a sigh. "I'm not sure which I should focus on. Precision? I don't... well, I mean, my time Away was mostly spent sitting. Very still. Before that, I did some cheerleadering? I think I'm stronger than I look and I'm pretty well coordinated? So that's something?"

Damion nods at that. "I see. So it was one of those sorts of deals, huh? Well, I guess we'll just start with some basic training, see what you have an aptitude for." He crosses his arms over his chest. "So...do you have any experience at all fighting? Or even practicing how to fight? It's fine if so, just wondering where we're starting."

Peggy's lower lip curls under again to be bitten. She shakes her head slowly from side to side, ponytail swinging. No, she has no experience at all fighting, or practicing to fight. "Noooo," she admits. "Um. The other thing. How much will this cost? I don't have a job yet. I'm looking for one, but I don't so much have, um, a legal identity yet, either."

Damion smiles a little at that. "Well, I like to help out other Lost when I can. So don't worry about the cost." He thinks about that for a time, tapping one sneakered foot. "Mmm. What was it you did before... your trip, Peggy?" He eyes her considering. She does look pretty young. It probably wouldn't surprise him if she was a student or something before.

"High school?" Peggy says. It comes out like a question again. Her cheeks are gold again as well. "I'm, well, older than I was when I went Away, but not as old as I would be if I hadn't, if that makes sense? Like my younger sister is in her eighties right now. Back then, when you grew up, you got married and took care of the home." She clears her throat gently. "I have been led to understand that is not so much the case anymore."

Damion blinks a few times, brows raised. "Huh. So you were over there a long time, then. I was only there about...ten years." He gives his head a shake. "Alright. So. I'll get you set up with a basic workout regiment until your body gets more used to it, then we'll gradually step it up and see what areas would be best to focus on. And we can meet at....are you part of the Freehold?"

"Time moved oddly," Peggy tells him, shifting her weight from foot to foot. "I'm not sure how long it was. It was easy to lose track of time, because... sitting." She seems pretty embarrassed, admitting this. "I'm, I'm sworn to the Freehold, yes."

Damion nods to her. "Good. So we can meet there for the weapons training. I'd rather not be swinging a sword around in the gym. People might ask questions. We could go to a firing or archery range for the others. But no real reason to, so we could do that at the Freehold too. I'll pick you up a simple bow to start learning with."

Peggy ventures a somewhat timid smile. "Thank you," she tells him. "That would be appreciated. I'm hoping to join the Harvestmen when I get better. Thank you so much!" She is probably gonna need a LOT of work.

Damion smiles at her. "No problem, hon. I'm in the Harvestmen myself. It's a good group." He motions and then heads towards one of the trainers there.