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Not What Leo Expected

Maddox, Leo and Etsy

14 July, 2017

Honestly, it was not at all what he expected.


R07 - World's A Part

Some point in the morning, and the dogs are wandering the junkyard. They were fed last night and are scrabbling around, sniffing things, being dogs. Wandering the perimeter, scratching at interesting things in the ground, peeing on things. The door to the trailer is cracked open where they were let out, and from inside there are two sets of sleep noises.

One Leo will recognize: the mechanical rhythmic clank that substitutes for a snore from the robot. There's a small, almost singing sound that rises and falls alongside it, though. Some people snore, some people talk in their sleep. Etsy, when her sleep is peaceful? She sings in her sleep.

Open the door, and curled up on the bed together, draped in the same blanket, are a mermaid and a robot. Spring's vines and lilies have crawled up the inside of the trailer, making the bed into a sort of bower, and the electricity and heat of Summer have turned it into an almost jungle-like little nest.

Etsy's clothes are stained with blue blood and piled on the floor, with her Courier sash and a metal mirror on top. She's swiped a shirt of Maddox's, and they're snuggled up together under the same blanket. Her face turned a little toward his, his on her crazy sprawl of curly black hair.

Etsy is, naturally, the little spoon.

The dogs scampering around is no new thing. The door being cracked? It happens. Maddox is not the sort to be worried about someone breaking in - let them, he likes to fight. What is different is that sound. It's not just Maddox. And, well, that spring vibe is a bit different as well.

At some point, Maddox and Etsy moved from the temp tank to what passes for a bedroom. He's sprawled out, Pustons grinding as he sleeps. One leg is out from under the blanket, machine parts visible at the knee, at his foot. He doesn't seem to be wearing pants. Shorts? Who can say. He mutters something in his sleep, about torque and firing power and the fuel efficiency of giraffes. He rolls over, probably half crushing Etsy in the process. One of the dogs, the Peruvian hairless named Tick, has come back inside and is licking maddox's mechanical foot. He grumbles something about density ratios in quicksand.

Leo just wanted to know if he could borrow a spanner. That's all he needed today. The player doesn't even know what a spanner -is-, just that it's technical sounding and Leo needed to borrow one for some project he was doing, and Maddox probably has it. That's why he was here today.

Instead, Leo was confronted with a treatise on robot cuddling for fishpeople. His hand had gripped the top of the trailer as he swung in the door, mouth open and ready to talk, when he finally put together what he was looking at. His mouth hangs open in shock, going slack instead of forming words as he kinda lean-hangs there in silence, watching Tick lick Maddox' foot in shock. Finally, Leo starts to eeeeease back out the door.

He almost makes it too, except that Tock had noticed the door being kept open, and had rushed up to see what was going on, and why Leo was there. So Leo suddenly stumbled, letting out a yelp as he trips over the dog and spills back out onto the ground outside the trailer, Tock rushing off barking wildly in alarm, causing Tick to -also- bark loudly in the room suddenly in a sudden cascade of noise.

Also many words were repeated a lot.

Well, she had been sleeping peacefully, for the most part. Mermaids sleep better when they don't sleep alone, for complex psychological reasons which have lots to do with the fact that they don't survive very well by themselves. Then Maddox rolled over onto her -- and she's a delicate thing -- which made her song of sleeping turn into a whine of distress as she tried to extricate herself from underneath the robot while still asleep. And then there was Leo, and all the noise he made. And then the dogs. And then.

So Etsy went from totally crashed out in a happy content way to flailing her tiny arms and legs from underneath Maddox, on full, terrified alert.

This, of course, brings the mrbl from wherever it was wandering around the junkyard (her companion is never far away, even if it doesn't make its presence always known), the otter-beast letting out a high-pitched alert noise. ETSY IS HURT, THE OTTER IS COMING.

The world is ending! The Gentry are attacking! Maddox must defend! They must get to the boat! Maddox is up in a heartbeat, hopping to his feet on the bed, smacking his head on the low ceiling of the trailer. Electricity crackles around him as he stands over Etsy, ready to fight. The good news? He is I deed wearing a pair of old plaid shorts.

"You're not going to fucking take us alive!" Plaster drips down onto him from the hole his metal head caused in the ceiling. And then he looks around. Dogs are barking and jumping around. And Leo's on his ass. Nadfix blinks a few times as it all comes back to him. The crackling calms a bit. "I..."

And then there's an otter, who likely sees Maddox all charged up and standing over Etsy before he sees Leo on his ass. Maddox shouts, "What the fuck is going on?!" Nevermind that it's his home and he should really know these things.

His constellation whirls through all the colors, blinking and winking in varying intensities as he scrambles on the ground to try and get up. The high pitched keening of mrbl causes his head to turn, but then Maddox is in the door, and Leo blinks up at him, eyes zooming for a second. He knows that this is all fine and normal, but he's still kind of shocked by what he saw. So Leo just kinda shouts, over the din, "IsthatEtsy?!" his voice somewhere between amused, scandalized, and breathless from having landed on his ass.

He pushes himself up, not realizing that a tiny otter-shaped missile was heading for Etsy, and Maddox. As he finally gets to a seated position, Leo is startled by the sudden sleek ball of fur as it darts in toward the trailer, assuming it continues to do so.

Squealing in the best tradition of sirens, Etsy flails back from the edge of the bed, grabbing the blanket and covering herself with it. When all else fails, hide. "IS A GOODNESS!" she assures... well, someone. Maybe herself, maybe Maddox, maybe the mrbl or Leo. Who knows. But eventually, when Leo is flailing and shouting and scandalized, and she's got an otter wrapped around her underneath the blanket, she yells back, "IS JUST A SLEEPINGS! AM TIRED MERMAIDS OF SO MANY COURIER JOBS!"

why is it necessary to clarify that, etsy? hmmm? don't ask too many questions. The mermaid will lie and lie. Or maybe not. Who fucking knows at this point.

"Is okays, is a goodness, no needs for a screamings, no needs for a yells... " she assures, poking her head out from under the blanket. Bedhead mermaid wearing someone else's clothes. But it's just a sleepings. Honest.

"Who else would it fucking be?" Maddox shouts at Leo. He's still wired up, it's not even intentional. And the question is likely just as much who it is as /there is someone in maddox's bed/. Because in the seven years Leo has known him, this is a first. He shrieking and barking finally starts to wind down and Maddox calms some. He flops back down on the bed, on his ass, next to Etsy. He reaches out, awkward patting her shoulder. "It's ok. It's fucking Leo." Lime she can't see that for herself. He looks at the mermaid a moment, expression difficult to read. It's machine like, yet there's a flicker if something more human. He looks back at Leo.

"What the fuck do you want, anyway? Am I fucking late for a show?" Because that happens. A lot.