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Meeting the Waylady

John Preston and Ava Ardent.

18 March, 2017

John meets the Waylady for a "chilly" reception.


The Wayhouse

      • IC Time: Sat Mar 18 13:14:48 2017 ***
      • OOC Time: Sat Mar 18 13:14:48 2017 ***

The door to the outside opens, and through the foyer entrance, a man slips in. Despite the coathook, he proceeds into the living room and looks about, his eyes eventually resting on Ava. He looks to her and says, "Hello, miss. I'm looking for a...Waykeeper, I believe the term is? I'm John."

Ava's eyes dart up and she peers at him intently. She searches his features a little, memorizing them. She slips off of her perch then, and approaches him -- her eye curious. "Who are you?" She asks, even after he introduces himself -- she's so utterly cautious, it seems.

John replies, "I am John Preston, new-come to the area. Amongst other things, I was a hedgespinner for the Winter Court at my last Freehold, which was in the vicinity of Chicago. I would like to settle here, and I am given to understand that the Waykeepers are the organization to speak with about that."

She narrows her eyes at him when he says he is Winter, and shes tarts to speak in Winter's hidden language, the Mourning Cant. She uses a combination of hand signals and words to get her point across. Is it a test? "I am the Waylady and I can help you settle here."

John arches an eyebrow, but replies in the same "tongue". "Then I am honored to meet you, Waylady. What would you know of me?"

GAME: Ava spends 1 Glamour

"I do not want to pry, but I must know.. have you ever been a Loyalist, a Privateer? Have you ever aided them?" She wonders, watching his face with a calmly serene expression -- inquiring of him some basic information.

John replies, "Part of my place in this world, a self-appointed mission, if you would, is to hunt Loyalists and oath-breakers and...deal with them. It is my way of making up for the things I was forced to do in the Durance. So, no, I have not."

"I will arrange, then, for you to meet and Pledge with the Crown. Then we will speak more," she offers, speaking the Cant still with an ease, as if this is her native language.