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Jam and the Berry Bulls

Eden, Damion, Widget

Monday, April 09

The Trio of Changelings zip off into the hedge to find Goblin Fruit.


Bulberry Thicket, Hedge

Eden has gathered together a little group of Widget and Damion in her personal Hollow, currently they're in the Garden and she flashes a smile at the pair, "Okay, thanks for coming! I'm looking for some Jarmyn plants that I'd like to plop in my garden here so I can have some on hand for my little party I'm working on, but if you'd like some healing, or glamour fruits, I can pick a few from my garden for you guys in exchange for your help!"

When Damion heard that Eden was looking for protection while looking for some realtively common Hedge Fruits, he decided to come along with her. And since it didn't seem like it would be TOO dangerous, he invited Widget along with him as well. He arrived with the tiny gremlin in tow, wearing his full suit of organic looking riot armor and with his massive sword on his back. On one hip, his golden revolver is holstered. And there's a mundane hunting knife sheathed at the small of his back. He nods to Eden. "Sounds good to me. I could use healing fruits, myself." He glances down at Widget. "What about you?"

Widget's holding Damion by the hand, not capable of surviving in the Hedge by herself. She doesn't have armor, preferring to wear her filthy mechanic's jumpsuit, bare feet padding against the ground. Her weapons aren't all that impressive either, but she makes them work. A pair of thorn daggers are crossed over her chest, ready to be used with a flick of the zipper. She's got her gun as well, but she doesn't expect that to work. Still, she's made it this far!

The gremlin waved at Eden, excited to be in a new Hollow. She lived in a tree! "Fruits? Ok!" She liked fruit. Magic fruit was even better!

"I wanna talk to you when we get back too, Widget!" Eden says with a grin at the Gremlin, "About something I think would be great for us." She adds, "And I can show you some of my tastiest fruit too, while we're at it!" She goes and collects her things, slipping on her Chef's jacket, picking up a funky looking rifle, and stuffing her Chef's Knife into her belt. "Let's see.. I should grab a couple healing fruits for you two before we go as well.."

Damion smiles, and gives the rusty little gremlins hand a squeeze. Then he returns his attention to Eden. "Mmm. I have a few preserved already. Not many though." He considers the outfit she puts on, lips twitching a little. Also the odd knife she has with her. "Hmm. You look ready." He glances down at Wij. "Hmm. Really need to get you some kind of armor before we go out next time. You ready?"

Widget looks at Eden's outfit, looking even more excited than when she just got some cool fruits. Cook outfit! She was a cook! That meant glorious food might be coming! Plus, that rifle was really interesting! The Gremlin couldn't help but stare at it, popping back into reality when Damion squeezed her hand. She looked up at him, smiling. "Yes! Ready!"

"Alright, off we go!" Eden says, shouldering her rifle and setting out down the trod that leads off into the hedge proper, and out of her little Hollow. "So, we shouldn't be going deep into the Hedge or anything, this stuff grows everywhere, so." She says with a little shrug of her shoulders, "But, we'll go where my nose takes me!"

And not much longer, the trio find themselves emerging from a hidden path onto the road of the Bulberry Thickets!

As they emerge from the Hollow, Damion unfastens the holster for his golden revolver from his hip. He bends down, and fastens it around the waist of the little gremlin with the thorn daggers. It probably looks comically oversized on her. "Here. It's probably a bit too big on you. But if you need to use it...just point it in the general direction of the enemy and hope for the best. It shoots big bullets." He glances around the area carefully, looking more for threats than fruit. That's what Eden is there for after all. He absently checks to make sure his sword is loose in its sheath. "Any thoughts on where to look?"

Widget watches her dragon strap the gigantic pistol to her, eyes glittering. It was so /shiny/! And big! And probably very loud! She'd find a way to use it, even if it was just swinging it around. Still, she had her knives. Yes, one was badly charred, but it had proven itself all the same. Even if it did leave black marks on the right side of her chest.

Eden grins a little at the Duo as she watches them do their thing, and she gives a nod of her head at Damion, "I've got some thoughts yeah." She says as she starts off down the trod in the direction of Skip-a-Step, strolling along, looking here and there, then back at Widget, "So you like making things right? What's your favorite sort of thing to make?"

Damion winks over at Eden, then follows behind the chef. He makes sure to keep an eye on Widget at all times, just in case she gets distracted by something interesting and decides to wander off. The question from Eden to Wij makes one of his brows raise slightly, but he doesn't comment on it. "Always nice to take a little stroll through insanity, isn't it?"

Widget manages to keep with the group, padding along and looking at all the pretty plants. Her eyes take on an odd glint when Eden asks what she likes to build, but she's still calm with Damion holding her hand. "Traps and bombs and cars and stuff. Wanna build robots and stuff but they're hard."

"Huh, wonderful!" Eden says with a bright smile, "That sounds quite exciting." She says, taking them off the beaten path after a while, finding a narrow little path, likely used by hobs and the like to navigate about the Hedge. She shrugs a bit, "I dunno, is it really Insanity, maybe?" she says, then looks back at Widget and she flashes a little grin. "I can't wait to see some of your robots!"

Damion nods his head. "She's especially good at making things blow up." He gives Wij's hand a squeeze, then bends down to pick her up, lifting the gremlin and settling her on his shoulders instead, gripping her legs in his big hands once she's settled. "She was also able to make a sure that looked like it had been in a pretty bad fire run again. For a while. Until it exploded." He's still not sure what was in that tank to make the fireball that color. And he's not entirely sure he wants to know.

Widget settles in on Damion's shoulders, arms gripping his horns like the world's reddest motorcycle. "Yes! Explosions!" She was really good at explosions! Big ones, toxic ones, zappy ones, bright ones, all types! Maybe even robot explosions, when she figured out how to keep them together.

Eden laughs softly at the talk of explosions. "Sounds exciting." She says as they stroll nearer where the fruits might be. She hmmns softly, "Quiet now." She says as she starts to make her way forward slowly, peering around a little before they emerge upon a patch of what they're after, a bunch of Leafy plants with distinctive edible seed ovaries. It looks like the coast is clear, though there are signs some kind of hedge creature was through recently.

Damion chuckles quietly, then falls silent at Eden's command. He steps carefully into the patch after her, trying to be as quiet as possible. Which...isn't super quiet, considering he's a seven foot tall armor-clad dragon with no real training in stealth. But he tries. He scans the area, looking for any threats. Thankfully he doesn't spot any right now.

Widget manages to stop her babbling when Eden asks for it, eyes flicking around the area to try and spot anything. All she was was the really funny-looking fruit, which looked like...she had no idea. Something not-fruit. Whatever they did must be really weird. Stealth isn't an issue, given she's about seven feet off of the ground. Small fingers grip Damion's horns as she starts to tense up.

"You two stand watch while I go up and try to pick as much as I can." Eden says to the two as she starts over towards the patch, setting her rifle down, as she tries to harvest the plants, or as many as she can, without pricking herself on the thorns of the hedge.

Damion turns slowly in place, scanning the surroundings for anything that might cause them trouble. "Let me know if you see anything, Wij." He gives an absent rub to her skinny legs dangling down his chest. His horns are pretty solid in her hands, and it's probably really warm sitting on his shoulders like that. But, she's used to how much heat tends to be generated around him. "So that's the Jarmyn then, Eden? What does that stuff do?"

There's a small grunt as Widget hefts the revolver. It looks comically large in her hands, given that it was already comically large in the first place. She's not able to keep it raised for very long, though, so she rests it on her shoulder like a rifle. Her other hand it still one of Damion's horns, small fingers drumming it. Danger? Danger meant guns. Guns were good. Should she? There's another small grunt as the hammer is clicked back with a whole hand. Just in case.

"It's a stimulant." Eden says as she starts to expertly pluck away at the plants, producing little tools for it from her satchel, and depositing the plants away on her person. "Like Coffee... or maybe Cocaine." She says, "Without the addictiveness of course, but it keeps you awake, but with a hell of a crash after." She explains, "I'm going to use it for a dish for my little party, the leaves, and the ovaries do different things." She explains, pointing at the different parts of the fruit.

The dragon nods to Eden. "Hmmm. I can't say I'd need that myself. But sounds interesting. How does it taste?" He hears the familiar sound of the hammer on his revolver being drawn back, raising his eyes to try and see the gremlin on his shoulders. "Easy there, Wij." He turns so that he's facing away from Eden, just in case.

Widget huffs. "Being careful." She was, really! She was being really careful not to actually pull the trigger. Those fruits looked funny, though. "Really?" The gremlin leaned down, adjusting herself to peer over Damion. "What does it t-"

  • BOOM*

Well, Widget can't hear anything anymore. She's no stranger to sudden and loud explosions, so she's not rocked by it. Her ears would be ringing for a little bit. Her arm really hurt, too, given that the gun firing sent it flying up and nearly sent her off of Damion. He probably had bigger concerns, given that a man-portable autocannon round just impacted distressingly close to his foot. And left a flaming crater. He was fine, though. Dragons couldn't catch fire. The gremlin looked around, eyes shining and face flushed. That had been a good one.

"It tastes like..." *BOOM* "...We should get out of here!" Eden says, tucking away the last of the plants before hopping to her feet and gesturing, "C'mon!" She says, gesturing back the way they came, "I've got enough, we can talk more back at Hollybrook Hollow!" She says as she starts to move off, glancing around a little. Noises come from the deeper in the hedge. Like an angry bull, maybe?

Damion is also used to the sound of that gun going off, but it doing so out of nowhere startles him and makes his hands tighten around the legs of the gremlin. This at least keeps her from flying off of his shoulders. He looks down at the hole in the ground, then up at the gremlin atop him. "....okay, maybe don't do that again unless there's something to actually shoot at, hon." He know she was going to fire it eventually though. It is Widget. He turns, and sprints after Eden.

Were they running? Why were they running? It hadn't been that loud, had it? Her explosions were louder and funnier. Was something there? That wasn't so bad! Damion was strong! He was carrying her off, though, so maybe it was really scary? Widget could help! She had more bullets and Damion was holding her better! She just had to heft it like this an-

Another booming shot, followed by a small crunch. The sound that followed both was shocked and small as Widget learned firsthand why people didn't fire guns that were a fifth of their height. Namely, she had just broken her nose. She clapped her hands to her face to keep the red from leaking out, tears reflexively filling her eyes. She'd have a knot on her head for sure.

Crashing through the hedge behind the group, is a fearsome BerryBull, one of the Hedgebeasts in this part of the hedge, and it's catching up, fast, infact, it'll likely be right up on Eden as she stumbles just a little in her flight away from the scene, incensed perhaps by the firing of the gun, or the theft of the fruits!

Crashing through the hedge behind the group, is a fearsome BerryBull, one of the Hedgebeasts in this part of the hedge, and it's catching up, fast, infact, it'll likely be right up on Eden as she stumbles just a little in her flight away from the scene, incensed perhaps by the firing of the gun, or the theft of the fruits!

Crashing through the hedge behind the group, is a fearsome BerryBull, one of the Hedgebeasts in this part of the hedge, and it's catching up, fast, infact, it'll likely be right up on Eden as she stumbles just a little in her flight away from the scene, incensed perhaps by the firing of the gun, or the theft of the fruits!

Despite all of this, Widget's having a really good time! Sure, her ears are ringing and her nose is broken and she's got an impressive amount of blood coming from between her hands and she can /feel/ the lump on her forehead forming, but...guns! Big fiery guns! Twice! Oh, and they might die. That was also a thing. Probably not though. Because guns.

Eden is scooped up with a Yelp, only moments before the Bull catches up with her, and Damion zooms off down the path, probably getting cu:t up a little by the hedge in the process, infact everyone likely gets a bit of that treatment, being off the beaten path a bit as they are, however the Bull doesn't seem too keep on following after them after a while, and they soon find themselves back on the main Trod, and to nominal safety.

Damion keeps going for a time once they're back on the Trod, and only when he's certain they've lost the bull does he slow down, then finally stop. Turning, he peers back to make sure there's no signs of it anymore. Then he settles Eden onto her feet, and reaches up to lift Widget down onto the ground. "Here hon, let me have a look at that." He crouches down to examine her bloody nose. Widget sits on the ground, hesitant to remove her hands from her face. Weren't you supposed to keep your hands on it or something? Damion knew what he was doing, though, so she slowly let her hands drop. It look pretty ugly. The gremlin sniffed thickly, flinching at the sensation. "Gnk..'m fide."

Eden settles herself down as well, hmmning a little bit, "Eat one of your berries." She suggests, "When we get back to Hollybrook, I'll make you a proper meal infused with some goblin fruit to make sure it's all healed up. And it's a good excuse to chat! I have to hear all SORTS of things!" She says matter of factly to the Gremlin girl.

Damion grunts softly and says, "I'm gonna touch it hon. Try not to move too much." He carefully prods at it with his fingers. Being a former professional boxer, he knows a few things about broken noses. "Mmmf. Definetly popped a lot of vessels in there. But I don't think it's too bad." He glances at Eden, then nods. "Yeah... you can eat one of your berries. That should fix you up." He kisses her on the forehead.

Widget lets Damion touch her face, only flinching a little bit. She nods, carefully chewing on one of her berries. She'd never had one before, so she wasn't exactly sure what to expect. Still, she got herself to her feet, gave Damion and Gremlin a hug, and tugged Damion's hand. "'Enghks. Leh go."

The fruit is juicy, and tasty, and delicious in the way that only Goblin Fruit can be, and more importantly, it helps to heal the Changelings who eat it! Eden flashes a smile at Damion, then at Widget and she nods, then starts leading them off towards the path that leads down to Hollybrook Hollow!