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Dawn Meets

Logan, Sara

10 June, 2018

Two Dawns meet and try to use as much innuendo as possible.


Dawn Court

The crystalline cavern of the Dawn Court is even shinier at the moment, thanks to a figure seated on one of the crystal seats around the hearth of possibility. Logan's light glitters and gleams off the rose and gold crystals of the room. He has a stack of books that must be from the Freehold sitting next to him, and he's currently dressed in a white Hedgespun uniform that makes him look like a prince out of a fairy tale, complete with gold buttons, epaulets, and a little white capelet, plus gold-trimmed boots. In contrast to all of this, he appears to be drinking a perfectly ordinary can of La Croix. Lemon flavored.

As part of her attempt to get to know the occupants of the Freehold better, and get in touch with her own court, Sara arrives at Stonehearst. Intrigued by all the crystal, she is already in the courtroom before she notices the glow of an occupant. She looks over him with almost disbelieving eyes before leaning casually against a wall, arms crossed over her chest, and says, "Well hello, handsome." - in her best husky, sexy voice. A little gnawing of her lower lip before she pushes away from the rock and offers her hand to the man in greeting. "I'm Sara...and you are...Roger. Because that's what I called you in my dreams."

Logan raises his head, looking not at all startled to find someone else here. A smile slowly, slowly spreads across his face as he puts the book down and takes her hand, offering her first a big, blindingly white grin, and then a cheeky little kiss to he back of her hand. "Enchante, Sara. You can call me Roger if you'd like." He laughs a little, showing off that grin again, and there's a small toss of his golden head that causes the light to sparkle and jangle on the crystals around him. "I hope they were /good/ dreams." His voice has a pleasing, boyish tone, with the flat vowels of...somewhere not around here. Probably California.

Sara smirks at the kiss to her hand. "Very gallant" she notes before nodding about the dreams. "You were a very jolly Roger if that counts. And who doesn't like a roger every now and then? But do tell me your actual name. How else will I know what to cry out?" Pulling away, she settles into another of they crystal chairs. "These are pretty cool" she notes while wiggling onto it. "You don't sound like you're from around here." She definitely does...though with a little Boston accent thrown in there.

Logan lets out another laugh, all bright and sunny like the light around him. Well. It's mostly light -- there /is/ a thread of shadow there, winding its way through that bright aura. "I'm Logan. Logan Brenner. Saint of the Dawn Court, Waykeeper, Custodian." He watches her wiggle into the chair, continuing to grin. Really, it doesn't take much for a smile to appear on his face and just stay there. "I'm from southern California. Are you new to the area, or just winding your way back after a long...you know."

"Logan Brenner? Why does that seem familiar? Other than being in my dreams, of course" Sara smiles back, her own smile rather pretty in a winsome way. And there is a bit of a glow to her as well. "Saint? Did you get elected to that? I can't believe you'd act like one" she teases with a wiggle of her eyebrows. "You sound pretty important in the Court. I'm a Fry...that's a family from around here. But I grew up in Boston. Was taken from there...so I guess there is a little bit of making my way back to my spiritual home. What brings you here?"

Logan laughs again, all light and teeth. "Well, it depends. Do you follow the tech industry at all? Watch TED Talks? Then you might know me. I've got a little notoriety, in some circles." All said very modestly, of course. The part about being a Saint just gets another smile -- though not a grin -- and a pair of raised eyebrows out of him. "It's just the name of a position in our Court. Maybe you're new enough not to know." Though he doesn't seem at all offended by the little joke. Then his grin bursts out again. "Oh, a Fry. You guys make the best ice cream! I love Dare." He nods his golden head as she explains more about where she's from, watching and listening. "I have a vacation home here. Have had one for awhile, but originally came here with another of our kind who's since left. I liked it enough to join the Freehold. I travel around some, but the Tam Valley has a lot to offer." Grinning again -- if he ever much stopped -- he asks, "You seem spunky, Sara. Are you hoping to serve the Freehold at all, or are you just along for the ride?"

"I thought you name was Logan, not Ted" Sara teases before giving him a wink. "I'm not that dumb. Yeah, I think I've seen you in the tech arena. Rich guy...and I guess the vacation home confirms that." A little frown...but only for a moment. "Got dumped, huh? Shame you're all single again..." A lick of her lips. "Real shame." Her mind seems to wander for a moment. "Huh? Oh...I already served the Freehold. Went into the Hedge to get some tree buds...seeds...pinecones. People with me got pretty beat up by some giant spiders. Like you do. Feel bad about that actually." A shrug. "Yeah, not too up to date on Court positions. Not really my scene...but I'm sure you're awesome at it."

"Oh, no. I wasn't dumped. She had to see something through, and I chose not to go with her," Logan answers pleasantly. /But/ when she says he's single, there is a certain...glow there, in his already brilliant blue eyes. "I /am/ single, though." A touch of husk in his voice that vanishes as the topic changes, though his attention is very much on her. And his eyes widen some. "Really? Wow, you must be brave. That sounds like an amazing adventure." Then he shrugs, grinning away. "I try and do my part. I have a knack for diplomacy, so Waykeeping seemed natural. And I love to learn, so Custodian was a no-brainer. I'm a little ambitious, but not as much as some." Another little laugh at that. "So, does that mean you've joined the Harvestmen?"

"I didn't think I joined anything. I was just doing my bit for the Freehold like any good Freeholder would do" Sara shrugs. "The call went out, I answered it. The other two were my 'escorts'. All good. So you have more than one position at Court? Is that because there are so few of us or because you like lots of positions? And, yeah..." She grins. "I can see you as a diplomat. Very good with your tongue." A shake of her head. "Not brave...a Fry. Though I guess it's the same thing."

"Oh, I see," Logan says, bobbing his head. "I just like lots of positions. Don't you?" There's a certain twinkle in his eye when he says that. He takes a sip from the forgotten La Croix, so out of place here in Stoneheart. "Well, Fate's Harvest can probably use another Harvestman, if you feel like joining a club-within-a-club. They head out on adventures just like that to get the job done. Did you come here alone, or do you have a motley?" After a moment's thought, he holds out the can to her, offering it.

"Adventure is my middle name" Sara grins. "Yeah, I like a lot of positions too. Maybe I should try for his Harvestman gig?" A nod about the motley. "Irregulars. My brother-in-law set it up. Hmm...I wonder if he still is my brother-in-law. He was married to my sister. She died." A little frown at that. "So we came home with their kids. Not that you're interested in any of that." She reaches over for the can and takes it with a smile of thanks before downing a mouthful. "I guess you're too busy with all your positions to go out adventuring. And you're much too pretty."

Logan's grin finally dims some at the mention of the dead sister. He looks suitably solemn. "I'm so sorry for your loss, though," he says quietly, leaning over to lightly squeeze her forearm, should she let him, before moving back again. But then there's the easy laughter again. "Oh, no, I go adventuring plenty. It's possibly to be pretty and still know how to handle yourself in a fight." His grin creeps up a notch, eyes wandering over her face. "Surely you must agree."

"I miss her...but we got the bastard who did it. One of /them/ if you know what I mean" Sara replies, not minding the squeeze of her arm. Another mouthful of the drink before she passes it back. "Oooh...a man of action. With at least two houses." A smirk at the implied compliment. "Yeah, I guess I do. My weapon is a bow though. Don't have to worry about getting my face mashed up when shooting from far away. What do you like to use?" "/Oh/." Logan's eyebrows go up, and he looks impressed, taking the can back and sipping from it. He grins in delight at the mention of her bow. "I love bows, though I love guns more. I'd say any kind of weapon you use from a distance I prefer, though I'm handy with a foil, if I do say so myself." He tilts his head, studying her. "I could see a bow suiting you. It'd look good on you. Not /only/ that, of course."

"Thanks" Sara smiles about the compliment before a rather musical laugh. "Are you about to say you would look good on me too?" She screws up her face a little. "Guns are fine but not really...I dunno...romantic? And I think while I was...away...it was one of the reasons I was chosen. The bow. Maybe. I dunno. It's all cloudy...you know about that. A foil is pretty cool though. Very Pirates of the Caribbean."

"Should I have said that?" Logan gives her a sly look, his head in a three-quarter profile so it looks like he's looking at her out of the corner of his eye. "Guns can be plenty romantic. For one thing, shooting a /big/ gun -- the kind I prefer -- gives /quite/ a kick." He grins again, then listens. "So, you were an archer before you were taken, too? That's really neat." He laughs at the Pirates comment. "Either that or The Pirate Movie. It's a lot of fun. I could teach you to fence, if you wanted some hand-to-hand combat to go with your ranged weaponry."

"I might take you up on that, Logan" Sara smiles sweetly. "The fencing /and/ getting my hands on a big gun. I hope it doesn't go off too quickly. And, no, you shouldn't have said that. That would have been really lame...just like that big gun innuendo." She suddenly gets to her feet. "But, for now, I need to hit the road. Work in the morning. Drop by 'Out of the Box' when you're in town. I usually work there. You remember work?"

"'Out of the Box,'" Logan repeats, and then brightens again. "Oh, do you know Raymond, then? He recently joined the Waykeepers. Great guy." He grins, and the comment about work only makes him grin wider. "I'm a big fan of work, actually. How else would I be where I am?" He, too, gets up to his feet, light shining and bouncing off the crystal, and this time, offers his hand. Probably to shake. "It's been a pleasure, Sara. I think I will drop by your store."

Logan next pulls an iPhone X from his Hedgespun pocket, which clashes in just the same way as the can of La Croix. "No signal down here, but if you want to give me your number, I'll text you mine outside the Hedge."