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Custodians Meeting: September 2017

"You might need a translator to understand me!"


Kip, Gisa, Logan, Billy Ray, Ashe


The Custodians meeting for September, touch base on a few things and gain a new recruit.


The Whelan Chronicle

It's a rare thing to have a daytime meeting, but Ashe was starting to do two meetings because some people were not nocturnal. The Autumn is seated at the end of the table and dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt, probably out of place for most that know her. Uvall is hanging up on the projector above the table and chittering as people come in. One thing that hasn't changed though is the food. There's sub sandwiches of all kinds on a tray in the middle of the table along with little bags of chips and drinks.

On time, as the golem is a dutiful creature, is Gisa. She walks in through the door wearing her default Pensive Golem face, a calm, smooth non-expression. Like all Pilgrims, Gisa is annoyingly perfect-looking. Like there's perfect and then there's some goddamned Uncanny Valley shit, especially because her face is ceramic. Wearing a red t-shirt with a large cartoon bee on the front and a word underneath the bee in Hebrew, she trundles in slowly, greeting, "Custodian," to Ashe, and examining the subs for a moment, picking the vegetarian option, a bag of potato chips, and a drink. Napkins. Now time to sit down. Aaaand sitting golem.

Kip is in his usual clothes which consists of a pair of khaki pants and a plain button-down shirt in an off-white color. Booooriiiing. He's got his usual leather messenger bag slung over him on a diagonal that he's shrugging over his head as he enters. Of course it's an awkward sort of movement as he does it. "Afternoon," he says in a general sort of greeting, his voice the usual paper-thin whispery tone he always has.

Logan is also on time, dressed in a blue henley and blue pants that manage to go together without being too matchy-matchy. It's a gift. They bring out his eyes perfectly, of course, and he greets the room with a smile nearly as bright as all that light around him. "Hi, everyone," he tells the room, moving to the food and grabbing a drink for himself, something with minimal sugar, before taking a seat.

"Good afternoon, everyone." Ashe states with a smile. One can never tell if it's her lips or the stitches though. "First, I wanted to apologize for falling behind on following up with a few of you. That will not happen going forward." she states. "Second, I wanted to thank you all for staying diligent and working on getting books recovered and back in the library. As well as adding information to the library." she smiles to that. "Now, the meeting is going to be basically a bit of information and a few missions. We've got some insanely overdue books and I'm afraid we're going to have issues returning them, so force might need to be used." she tells them.

Billy Ray settles into the corner, late, a cigarette shoved over one ear, trucker cap, jeans, tshirt (Van Halen, 1997) and a beer in hand that he's sipping from, quietly, a notebook and pen to one side.

The golem raises her hand briefly, adding, "I have a request for information from the Crown, when we come to that point, which, if anyone can contribute to, I would be grateful." Gisa is otherwise quiet, because she's eating her delicious sandwich involving not having meat and cheese on the same plate.

Kip's eyes glance toward Logan for a second as Ashe mentions getting overdue books back. Because that went oh so well last time for them, after all. Well it was mostly uneventful but there was that second when Kip nearly horked on Logan's shoes. Thankfully he didn't. But he settles into his seat as Ashe talks and puts his messenger bag at his feet, listening to her and nodding appropriately. "Whatever you need," he murmurs to her in response, which really goes without saying since Ashe is The Boss and all. But he mostly just sits there, trying not to draw any sort of attention to himself.

Logan listens to Ashe, continuing to smile even as he nods his agreement. It's a serious smile, this time. Billy Ray draws his attention for a moment, and he looks vaguely quizzical, but it's brief. Kip's glance towards him, however brief, gains him a bright smile from the Golden Boy, and then he turns his attention to Ashe again. "We'll get those books for you, Ashe. Just point hte way." He tilts his head and looks at Gisa curiously. "What request is that, Gisa?"

Ashe's black eyes look off to the side where Billy Ray sits and there's a genuine smile, "Welcome, Mister Johnson. If you'd like to join us you can." she tells him. Then Ashe gives a look to Gisa and there's a nod, "Go ahead." she tells her. Because Crown needing information takes precedence.

"Yes'm," says B-Ray as he approaches the table and settles in comfortably, putting down his notebook. "Figgered ah'd lissen. Got a goodly bit a' Occult knowledge in mah library an' figger it makes sense to know y'all," he says before falling silent.

"Her Majesty contacted me, asking for information about Glitch. I met him several months ago and delivered him to the Wayhouse -- he was digging through the trash cans behind the bookstore, and Alonso and I were sitting on the back roof. So we took him to the Wayhouse. I introduced him to Damion, because he -- that is Glitch -- believed he was being pursued by Their agents." Gisa pauses, wipes her hands on a paper napkin, thinks. Her eye-flames dance in their dark sockets, sparking and shimmering, and she cocks her head to the side like a labrador retriever that just heard a strange sound. "I put the matter in the hands of the Harvestmen, but apparently the Crown does not consider the matter resolved. I have been attempting to make an appointment to talk with his wife -- Nathania is his spouse -- but have not yet been able to meet with her, or with him. If anyone has spoken to him and has information about ... what might be, as the kids say, up with that? It would help."

Logan smiles and nods at Billy Ray before looking to Gisa. "Her Majesty contacted me as well," he affirms, "but in the capacity of a Waykeeper. I tried to get in touch with Glitch, but was unable to. Perhaps we can work together on this, Gisa. The Custodians help the Waykeepers and vice versa, don't they?" His smile broadens a touch.

Ashe gives a smile and a nod to Billy Ray as he settles down, "We always welcome new faces." she tells him. Then she shushes and listens to Gisa as she speaks. A bit of a frown at the information and then she gives a slight nod, "Of course we can look into that for her Majesty, yes." she tells them. Then there's a look to Logan, "And we can help the Waykeepers as well with that." she adds.

Kip;'s head dips to Billy Ray in a greeting across the table, though he doesn't say anything. He's busy listening, even though he doesn't have anything to really add at this point. So he takes mental notes and glances in turn at people as they talk or make some sort of sound or motion that draws his attention to them. He may be biding his time to go back to the original topic Ashe mentioned to ask questions about book retrieval or something.

"That makes sense, and now I am glad even more that I brought it up, so that we can work together rather than working inefficiently, separately." A small smile back at Logan. "I would appreciate it. I am currently apprenticed to Nathania as a Waykeeper as well, so that will work out well in both regards. I believe my time of apprenticeship is almost at an end. And so we can cross over in that sense." Gisa folds her hands in her lap, tipping her chin up in greeting to Billy Ray somewhat belatedly.

Billy Ray scratches his jawline as he listens - looking thoughtful as he sips the beer. "Y'all don't think it's intentional - right? That he's tryin' to not get in touch with y'all? Ah like Miss Nathania, she's nice, so ah don't wanna cast aspersions or whatever ya call it. But y'all think it's just a question of bad schedulin' and timin' as to why he ain't gotten back in touch with y'all?" B-Ray asks.

Logan nods and smiles at Ashe, then gestures with a tan, manicured hand to Billy Ray. "That's entirely possible. He does seem a little slippery." To Gisa next, "I think that's a smart idea, Gisa. Let's do that." He's pleased about this, clearly.

"Alright, so we've got Glitch to look into. Books to recover and other things coming up. Did the Crown have anything else related to Glitch or just wants a basic check of him?" Ashe asks.

"My instructions were to 'Please find out whatever else you can', so specifically about his claims that he was being pursued by the Gentry but whatever else we can," Gisa explains to Ashe, hands folded in her lap. She inclines her head toward Logan, clearly pleased as well. And then she turns her head toward Billy Ray. "I don't know if it's intentional or not -- and I'd prefer to think that perhaps our times simply have not yet aligned before I presume that he is guilty of anything. He seemed quite frightened, honestly, and he did not initially find me... very reassuring. Sadly." A small, self-deprecating smile.

Billy Ray dips his head to the answers he gets - Logan, Ashe, Gisa, and nods again, "Makes sense. Fella prolly is skeered six ways t'Sunday, makes sense he'd be super skittish."

"Uhm, if you find him, I uh-- I'd be happy to like sit with him or hang out or whatever. I know what anxiety is like so I've got a pretty good place to cut down on the panic. I mean if that's a concern," Kip offers quietly, reaching a hand up to push his hair behind an ear, even though it just falls right back into his face and eyes.

"Gentry are scary things in general." Ashe states to that. And she talked to them for gods sake! "So, Logan, Gisa and...who else wants to help with the Glitch situation? I'm afraid if a bunch of people try to talk to him at once we'll scare him or he'll think the Freehold is after him. Which we aren't." she points out. "So be delicate. If some of you want to talk to Nathania, do that as well." she adds.

"That sounds like it might help, Kip, thank you," Gisa agrees, and then she tips her chin up at Ashe. "I have spoken with Nathania already, and when we can manage a time to speak, we will." Simple as that, apparently, in golem world. "If anyone else would like to join me for that, it would be appreciated. Nathania is not likely to be skittish."

"I'll join you, Gisa. Makes sense if I do, don't you think?" Logan smiles in her direction, sipping his drink. Then he looks to Ashe again. "What else do you have for us, Ashe?"

"Ah think Kip should help - or be on speed dial. Boy's got a comfortin' way 'bout 'em - not that y'all don't, Miss Gisa - an' he knows 'nuff bout folks gettin' worked up that he could help a lot, ah think," is all B-Ray opines.

"That works then." Ashe nods to the group. "And thank you guys for helping out the Crown as well. I'm glad we're getting some things hashed out before the Season changes." she states. Then there's a look to Logan, "Nothing else for the moment. Just getting us back on track." she tells them. Then there's a look to Billy Ray, "Sorry that the meeting is so short, was there anything that we could help you with, Mister Johnson?" she asks with a smile.

Kip looks a little sheepish for a moment and gives Billy Ray a slight smile and nod of thanks for the recognition. Hey, for once being an anxiety-ridden super nerd is helpful! Whodathunk? "Let me know how I can help and I'll be glad to," he mentions.

"Not particularly, ma'am - jes' offer myself as a resource. Gotta good library on occult matters - specific to Hedgespinnin', Tokens and what not. So if'n y'all ever need help with that area of things, jes' let me know," says Billy Ray.

"Oh, so you're looking to join up as a recruit. Apologies, I misunderstood that part." Ashe states as she gives him a smile. "That is if you'd like to join the group, we tend to recover lost information and add it to the library in Stoneheart as well as other things." she offers to Billy Ray.

"If'n ya think ah can help out, ah'd love to!" says B-Ray, "Research is a big part'a what ah do. And if'n it helps at all, ah'm a paramedic. Drawl and all, ah promise."

Ashe gives a smile to Billy Ray and she stands up and offers her hand across to the man, "Welcome to the Custodians." she offers to him. "I'll get you hooked in with a mentor and everything as well." she states.

Kip gives Billy Ray a grin. "Welcome," he echoes after Ashe. "And Logan is a good mentor. I mean he's done great with me. I think. In fact, Ashe, at some point I wanted to see if I could maybe help out with the Library some more. I mean Aaron is great but does he ever get too busy?"

Logan smiles his thanks at Kip, nodding a few times, before turning to focus his blue gaze on B-Ray. "I'd be happy to mentor you, Billy Ray, if Ashe doesn't have someone else in mind for the task. Just say the word!"

Billy Ray takes the hand, shaking it firmly with a grin, "Thanks! Sure! Ah'm down for whoever, though y'may gotta get a translator to understand me!"

Ashe gives a smile to Kip, "Sure, I'll get you set up with something out there. I know Aaron has been dealing with a few things. So we'll give him a break for right now." she states. Then there's a look to Logan and a nod of her head, "If you'd like to take on the job, sure." she tells him. Then she gathers her folder and Uvall drops down from the ceiling to crawl under the hair at the nape of her neck, "I've got to be going. Have to pick up some paperwork." she smiles to that. "Take food and drinks with you if you like though." she grins.

"Definitely," Kip says to Ashe with a grin. "And I'll help out however I can. Just let me know." Look at him being so super helpful. "And I'll take food, sure."

Logan stands up. "I have to get going as well. Good to see you all! Billy Ray, here." He slides a business card out of his pocket and hands it over to B-Ray. "Just in case you don't have my contact info. Feel free to give me a ring and a text whenever you'd like." He smiles and waves to everyone as he heads out the door. "See you all later!"