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Custodian Elect Office Hours: Promotion

And you get a promotion!


Logan, Kip, Ashe


Ashe holds office hours for the second time in June. Custodians


The Whelan Chronicle

Another round of office hours for the Custodian Elect have rolled around and Ashe unsurprisingly is settled into the conference room where the meetings and things generally take place. The woman is obscured mainly by shadows so it's hard too make out her features. Which given the Autumn's mantle is always a bit creepy. There's a few files out in front of her and a glass of water as well. There's also a little vampire bat that's clutched to her hand as she writes in one of the files. He looks like he's enjoying the ride.

Logan arrives in the conference room from the main office.

Another round of office hours for the Custodian Elect have rolled around and Ashe unsurprisingly is settled into the conference room where the meetings and things generally take place. The woman is obscured mainly by shadows so it's hard too make out her features. Which given the Autumn's mantle is always a bit creepy. There's a few files out in front of her and a glass of water as well. There's also a little vampire bat that's clutched to her hand as she writes in one of the files. He looks like he's enjoying the ride.

As Kip enters, he has his messenger bag slung over him diagonally and despite the warm weather, he has on a thin sweater. His fingers tug at the edges of the sweater's hem, keeping his hands and fingers mostly still in his sleeves in a sort of an anxious nervous kind of way. But he's the nervous anxious type so it's par for the course with him. One hand reaches up to brush at his hair but it flops right back into his face when he knocks on the door while entering. "Uhm, hello?" he ventures quietly before his eyes finally latch onto Ashe. Despite the shadows, he doesn't seem to have much problem seeing, possibly thanks to the flare of glow in his eyes. "Am I early?" He looks like he's ready to turn on a dime and head back out if the answer is yes or that he's somehow interrupting.

Logan strides in a few moments after Kip. Unlike Kip, he stands tall and proud and upright, shining out light mixed with a drop of shadow, a broad smile on his attractive face. He's wearing a white and blue-striped slim fit polo and jeans with white low-top Converse. Casually handsome. Spotting both Kip and Ashe, his grin broadens more still. "Custodian Elect. Kip. Good to see you both." He seems less concerned about interrupting Ashe. After all, it's her open office hours.

Ashe looks up when Kip enters and there's a nod to Kip, "Good afternoon, Kip." she tells him. "You aren't late. No one scheduled anything but a person named Ben and they haven't shown." she admits. "So come on in and have a seat. What can I do for you?" she asks him. Then there's a look to Logan and a nod, "Come on in Logan. Same question I just asked Kip." she tells him.

You can start by making me less of a dungeon master-shaped ball of anxiety and paranoia whose mortal enemy is the local gossip columnist. But Kip doesn't say that. He might think it, though, in the way that passing thoughts flash through his over-firing brain. "I uhm, don't really have anything to uh like bring you or ask you, I just... thought I would come see if you needed help or anything. Maybe just uhm, just say hello if nothing else. I feel like I'm supposed to. Am I supposed to?" As Kip moves further into the room and takes the offered seat, he looks over at Logan with a smile. It might be the reflection of Logan's brightness, but Kip seems to maybe relax and brighten a little himself as he gives a nod of greeting to the sunny guy. "Hey," he greets, his voice still that whispery thin way of talking that he has.

Logan settles into his own seat and crosses his legs, continuing to smile at both of you. "How are you finding the Custodians?" he asks Kip conversationally, but the focus of his attention here is mostly Ashe. "I wanted to report where we're at with Samantha Whitaker. But Kip was here first, so please." He makes a polite gesture with one golden hand. "Attend to him first. I'm in no rush."

Ashe gives a look to Kip as he talks, the silver striations in her eyes swirling as she does. There's a nod after he's done speaking and there's a folding of her hands on the table, "There's a book that someone hasn't returned and I need someone to get it back from the borrower. I'll assign that to you." she tells him. Then there's a look to Logan, "This is multitasking day. So go ahead." she encourages him as she opens one of the files to pull out a sheet of paper.

Kip perks up a little. A book? Getting a book? That sounds easy enough! He hasn't yet realized that sometimes easy sounding tasks are not that easy. "I'm glad to help," he says as he brightens up for that moment. But Logan also spoke, asking him something, so he turns his head a little toward him. "So far so good, but I haven't been able to do much to help yet. I'm glad I'm changing that. Being useful. I like to be useful."

Logan nods, continuing to smile at his fellow recruit. "Being useful is good, Kip. Do you want some help in getting the book?" Then he focuses his brilliant blue eyes on Ashe, beginning to speak in a calm, businesslike manner. "The investigation has hit a road block. Myself and some of the others -- Gisa, Dielle, Max and Nana -- went to Where the Wild Roses Grow to try and buy further information about Sam, but the Hob we consulted was useless." He does not yet mention that said Hob had more to say about /other/ things, however. "I'd like to continue to be of use in this matter, so your advice or direction would be appreciated. I think it's important that my full talents be put to use for the Custodians, after all." His smile is still in place, but slightly less broad.

Ashe gives a look to Kip after she's done writing down the information of where the book is located and who he needs to get it from. She hands it over to him and then settles back in her seat and the pen is kept up because of Uvall being on it.

She gives a look to Logan, listening to him and there's a bit of a frown, "We've hit a roadblock as well sadly." she sighs. "For the moment I was hoping that we'd be able to see what came from sitting down and speaking with them via the Crown, but I don't think it's happened." she states. "I found out the information about the Silver Tree being the former Freehold and spread it throughout the Custodians. I'm waiting for a report to come back as well. For right now if people wanted to continue research, I encourage it. I just don't want anyone going to them or snooping around where they live. Don't want them to take it as an act of aggression either." she shakes her head. "We've been adding this all to the library as we go so if we need information in the future we can find it." she adds.

"Uhm, sure," Kip replies to Logan at his offer to help him. "Thanks." He'll take help. It's always easier when you have someone else, after all. But he doesn't have any input about the investigation stuff other than to listen and give the slightest of frowns at the fact that they've hit a roadblock. He reaches forward to take the information from Ashe, glancing at it but not studying it intently since she's on another topic and he can always circle back if he has questions. So he tucks it into his pocket and then sort of slumps forward, elbows on his knees, shoulders shrugged in, hands still half tucked into his sleeves as his fingertips worry at the edges of the sleeves while he sits there listening. "Aggression is bad," he says in agreement even though nobody asked his opinion.

Logan nods, collected as always, but there is just the faintest whiff of irritation about him. It manifests in his mien a little, some of that shadow growing a tiny bit stronger in the beams of light. "Understood, Ashe. I will continue to investigate. Is there anything else I can be of assistance with, in the meantime?" He smiles at Kip. "Apart from helping Kip here." Logan seems to forget sometimes that he is actually still just a recruit himself.

Ashe gives a nod to Kip, "Aggression is bad and I wouldn't want to have to go to war with an unknown Freehold because someone stepped on someone elses toes." she admits. Then she looks back to Logan and the irritation is noted, "I desperately wish I had something else to share, but the information for write now seems to be coming in big packages or nothing at all. It's frustrating, I know." she tells him. "If you will help Kip with getting that book back for us it will mean a great deal." she tells him. Then there's a look to her calendar, "And it would also appear that your one month is up, Logan. So from now on you are no longer a recruit, but a full Custodian." she offers with a smile to him.

Kip gives Logan a bright smile and reaches over to clap his mostly-sleeve-covered hand onto the back of his shoulder. He doesn't comment anything, but he has that look of someone who is proud of someone else. But the smile goes to a more sober expression after a moment since the other topic of the other Freehold is brought up. He said his piece, that aggression is bad, and he's then back to his timid wallflower self.

Both Logan's light and his smile turn back up immediately when he's made a full Custodian. "Thank you for the vote of confidence, Custodian Elect. It's my pleasure to serve, and I look forward to continuing to assist the Custodians in any way I can." He'd really make a good politician, this one. Just good at giving speeches, even little ones. The smile is offered to Kip as well once he pats him on the back. "I'm happy to help you find that book, Kip. You'll be a full-fledged Custodian in no time yourself!"

Ashe finally relaxes and gives a look to the both of them for a moment. Quietly assessing things. Logan's reaction to being promoted makes her smile, "You've done a lot of work in the past month and it's helping a lot, so it's deserved." she tells him. "Is there anything more that I can help you gentlemen with at the moment?" she asks them as she settles the pen down and the bat goes crawling up her arm.

Kip doesn't even seem a little bit surprised at Logan's promotion. He just grins at him in return and shrugs a bit. "Hopefully someday I'll get there. I'm just glad I found something I can help out with," he admits. Status doesn't seem to matter to him so he's apparently fine being a Recruit for as long as it takes, even if it's longer than just a month. "But we should go celebrate at Paige's bar," is added to Logan before a pause. "Uhm, that's... no," he says to Ashe, turning toward her. "I mean, I just wanted to see if I can help you and now I have something to help with so I'm more than happy with how this meeting turned out."

"It's appreciated, Ashe," Logan says, quite the charming grin on his face. Logan is probably not too surprised at being promoted either; he's just modest. "And for now, I'm good, but I hope to be in touch with you soon with more information about Sam. And sure," he says, turning his grin on Kip. "That sounds fun. We can strategize about getting that book." Because the most fun kind of fun is also work, apparently!

Ashe gives a look to Kip and there's a nod to him, "I'll send you out with Max and Logan on another mission soon. So don't worry on it." she tells him. There's a bit of a nod to Logan, "It's no problem." she tells him. "You two go celebrate and hopefully we'll have new news about Sam and the Soundless soon." she tells them. Uvall finishes his climb and skitters into Ashe's hair and disapears. Because bats, right?

Kip is a ridiculous overly eager beaver and it shows in everything about him. The way he nods, the way he sits at the edge of his seat, the way he just soaks in every word that Ashe says. So ridiculous. So overly excited about the chance to fit in and contribute. So when she gives the green light to the whole idea of celebrating, he just beams a smile at Logan, summoning as many watts as possible. "Of-- of course. I uhm... Yeah, you probably have uhm, lots of things. To do. Lots of things to do. So I uhm-- we can just... we can go." He stands up, the motion as typically awkward as most everything he does comes off as. "And I like strategy. It's like chess. But with not-chess stuff. I'm good at chess."

"Thank you again, Ashe. I look forward to having more to tell you next time." Logan also stands, beaming, quite literally, at Kip. He may not be the puppy dog with tail wagging that Kip is, but he has that bright, sunshiney quality that just enhances anyone's eager beaverness, and is usually quite enthusiastic about things, albeit in a cooler, more subdued sort of way. "Fantastic. I'm good at chess, too. We should play together sometime. Wonder if Cyclone has a chess board?" He gives Kip a very brief wink with his left eye as the two prepare to go off together, presumably.

Ashe gives a small tug to her bats wing and then she's starting to get her files in order. There's a look to the two of them as they get ready to leave and she chuckles, "Don't get into too much trouble." she tells them as she gives them a wave.