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Custodian Elect Office Hours: Kip

"I know who you are..."


Logan, Max, Kip, Ashe


Ashe holds office hours for Custodian Elect business. Custodians


The Whelan Chronicle

Ashe had opened up the Conference Room to host Custodian Elect office hours this afternoon. That means that people are pointed to the room by one of the other Changeling employees. Probably a massive gargoyle that has a very prominent Autumn Mantle. Once in the conference room there's a rather pale redhead sitting at the head of the table with a notebook out taking notes and a soda besides her. The stitched in smile is a genuine one though as people step into talk to her.

Max arrives in the conference room from the main office.

Aside from a name and a vague description of a job involving books, knowledge and a library, Kip hasn't been given much information on what to expect when he shows up to find Ashe Whelan. So he arrives and is shown into the conference room. That Autumn Mantle of the gargoyle that shows him in brushes right up to him in a clear indication that Kip has no mantle of his own. None. Zip. Courtless FTW, this one. But he does at least /look/ like someone that would be a Custodian with the messenger bag that hangs diagonally across his chest and his demeanor that just screams super nerd. His shoulders slump inward and down a bit, his posture a far cry from perfect. "Uhm, hello, I was uh-- and I'm here to uhm... Are you Ashe?" Because who else would she be, right? "I was told to find you. Talk. To you. To come talk to you. Uh the uhm, the Queen sent me."

Max didn't have very much to talk to Ashe about, but since the office was open she figured why not drop a bit of information. It's not long after Kip enters does Max wander in behind him. There's a warm smile that touches her lips upon seeing Kip. "Hey. Long time no see," she tells him with a bit of a teasing tone. Then she looks over to Ashe, still smiling but more respectively. Though there's definitely a friendly touch to her expression. "Hey boss," she greets with a grin. The enchanted mortal is wearing her usual casual attire. A hoodie, jeans, and sneakers, makes up her outfit today.

Ashe's Mantle is just as powerful as the Gargoyles, so that probably means Kip gets to see an Autumn at full power. Which given the smell of Autumn and the low fog hanging is probably creepy enough. Ashe's black eyes focus on the Courtless one and there's a look over him, a pale hand raises and points to a seat, "Please, take a seat." the woman states. "I'm Ashe, yes. And you must be...Kip." she states as she smiles wide. A silver striation cutting through the black of her gaze like a heart beat on a monitor. Then there's a look to Max when she enters and there's a wave, "Hiya, Max. Have a seat." she tells the mortal.

Then back to Kip, "The Queen has sent you. I'm guessing to join up with the Custodians. And I'm guessing you like books." she grins.

"I'm yes. I-- I'm Kip. Yes," Kip stammers, as if he momentarily forgot how words work. Maybe it's the overwhelming Autumness he's surrounded by. After all, the powerful Mantles that he's usually surrounded by are Spring and a Summer. But he does his best to take it in stride even though it threatens to cling to his skin like a damp darkness and undertone of decay and preparation for eventual rebirth and all things Autumn. Plus it's both creepy and a bit scary in a thrilling sort of way. "Max," he greets as she enters, giving her that lopsided little grin. "I haven't seen you in what feels like forever." His tone is low, his voice a papery thin quiet thing like he's not used to talking at full volume. His glowy gaze skirts back to Ashe and he smiles to her as well, trying to quell the nerves that threaten to rise up in his belly. "I do. Like books. I own Homepage. It's a bookstore. I-- like books."

Smiling over at Kip, the enchanted mortal chuckles. "Too long. But it's totally understandable. There's more important things on your plate currently," Max says with a playful wink. Then she sits down as gestured by Ashe. "Kip's store is pretty cool if you haven't been there yet," she tells Ashe as she makes herself comfortable in her seat. Motioning to the courtless bookworm, she glances over at Ashe. "I just have a small bit of information to drop by, you can deal with whatever business Kip has first," she suggests.

Ashe simply stares at Kip for a few moments. It's a quiet calculation from the Autumn. Then she moves and nods her head, "I've read about you. Maybe joining up with the Custodians will keep you out of Enid's column for a few weeks." she tells him with a bit of a smile. "Liking books is good. Liking collecting things is also a good thing. The Custodians collect and keep Occult Lore, as well as other bits of information." she explains. Then there's a look over to Max and a bit of a nod, "Sure. We'll handle that in a few minutes." she tells her. Then she's looking back to Kip for the moment.

Kip just sort of stares at Ashe, almost horrified, when she mentions Enid's column. "I-- She-- I don't know why uh... why she... I'm not-- I mean it's not like... that." He's stammering again a bit and looks like he might be very much hopeful that the floor might open up and swallow him entirely. "I uh-- I mean I'm... I'm good with books. With organizing and cleaning and-- my therapist said I have OCD." Among other things, clearly. "And er-- well if you need to talk to Max, I can... I can go."

"Stay. If you're joining the Custodians, this is Custodian business." Max pauses for a moment. "Well. Freehold business, really. And just a little bit of information, nothing too important. But, I figured I'd share while Ashe was readily available," the mortal explains with a small shrug of her shoulders. "I had a chat with Sam from the Soundless. Didn't learn much beyond some of their motivations for what they're doing. At least from her point of view," she tells Ashe as she shifts her gaze over to the Autumn.

Ashe gives a shake of her head to Kip, "Take a breath, you're fine. And I know some stuff is exaggerated." she chuckles. "You're fine." she adds to him. The Shadowsoul settles back into her seat and looks at Kip unblinkingly for a moment, "Recruitment is a month and we'll send you out with the groups to do missions as well." she tells him. "You don't need to go." she agrees with Max. Then she looks to the Enchanted One and there's a bit of an eyebrow quirk, "What did she say?" she asks.

It's the bane of his existence. Enid's column. Kip just lets out a breath after a moment as if telling himself to relax. Just chill. There is no need to be nervous, despite the fact that Kip is nervous at all times. It's like anxiety just oozes from his pores. "Missions?" he echoes as if the word is foreign to him. "I-- can't just sit in a library and uhm... library?" The second iteration of the word is said like the word library has become a verb. "I mean I'll-- yeah. Uh, sorry. I mean... Okay. I'll do that. Missions. I can do missions." A hand raises to push his hair back, but it just flops back into his face like it's grown that way and it controls the floppy nature of it, not Kip nor his hand nor gravity. "Can I uh-- what do you uhm, do you mean? Soundless?" Because Kip likes the sound of that word. "I just... I just joined. The Freehold. There's a lot I don't know yet." A pause. "Sorry."

"You should talk to Aaron. He's the librarian. I'm sure he could use your help with library things. And he's a cool dude to talk to," Max replies, giving a knowing look toward Ashe. "And missions are cool. Pretty sure you can bring Paige along for some of the more dangerous ones." There's a pause in thought, a chuckle in amusement a moment later. "Now there's /two/ Harvestmen Custodian couples." Then she lightly shakes her head before focusing her attention onto Ashe. "Anyways. While I wouldn't say they come here in peace, they're concerned about what's going on here. Like, they feel if we're neighbors and our house catches on fire, there's will as well, you know? Sam says she's open to talk to anyone that's interested. They were miffed about not being able to get a meeting with the Queen, but, I steered her into Logan's direction to set that up since he's a Waykeeper now," she explains. "Sam seems more open for the possibility of us all being allies someday, but, her companion apparently is more wanting to just 'take care of us' if we cause any more trouble or whatever."

Ashe gives a soft laugh, "Umm, no, we don't just sit in a Library and do...librarian things. But yes, you can talk to Aaron and see if you can assist him there." she tells Kip. "The Soundless are a group that we are probably going to be having issues with." she frowns. Then she focuses back on Max and there's a chuckle, "Yeah, we do have a few Harvestment and Custodian couples about." she nods in agreement. She then listens to Max and there's a quirk of her eyebrow, "I'm not sure where they're saying things are bad here...or why they'd be interested in things catching on over where they are." she shakes her head. "Maybe we need to all send word to Queen Pook and see how things go. I'm sure we Summer comes into power they will not be waiting for us to do recon." she admits.

"Uh-- do you uhm... want me to uh, go tell the Queen?" Kip offers tentatively, as if he's not sure what, if anything, he should do. So he tries to be helpful. "I mean if there is the possibility of uh... of trouble. Why wait for it to become a problem if uh... if we can make it not a problem first? Is-- are they that much different? Is it like another Freehold?" He does sort of blush, though for him the blush takes the form of lightning sparking around his head a bit more than usual. There's always a slight fizzle of lightning racing around him, sometimes more than at other times. "And uhm, is that... not a good combination? Because Paige is my girlfriend." He says it like it's supposed to mean something. Maybe a defensive tactic in regard to Enid's column.

A playful smirk is given to Kip. "The leaders of both organizations are dating each other. And it seems to be a good combination from what I've seen from them," Max states giving a warm smile to Ashe. "But yeah, it's another Freehold not too far from here. Another city or two over, right?" she questions with a raised brow. "But, they're concerned with things like what happened with Oberon, or Logan's party, they think we're trouble."

"If you'd like to tell Queen Pook you can. Otherwise I'll get you announced to the rest of the group shortly." Ashe tells Kip with a smile. "And no, we don't discriminate on who is dating who. Byron, who is the Captain of the Harvestmen is my other half, so it just seems to be a good pairing." she muses. Then there's a nod to Max and a bit of a smile to her, "Thank you." she tells her quietly. Then her face loses all signs of emotion and the room might grow just a bit colder when her mantle flares, "Oberon's lose tongue was dealt with. And what happened at Logan's party?" she asks.

Oh. Kip just looks a bit sheepish. First at finding out about the /other/ and higher profile couple and then at the mention of being announced. "I-- I'll wait. To be uhm... announced," he says with a slight crack to his voice. "And Oberon? I know him. I mean... what uh... I mean you don't have to tell me but what exactly uhm did he do? Because everyone seems mad at him but I don't know why so I haven't been, but if I should be I will." But he looks like he doesn't want to be.

"You know Haruki? Well, Oberon and him were dating, he discovered that Haruki was like me in being able to see you guys naturally. So, Oberon, wanting to get him to join the Freehold, told him a bunch of Freehold stuff. Which is against the rules. So, he got punished by being mute for... a month I think?" She glances to Ashe for confirmation. "At Logan's party... Well, he had a bunch of human staff there. He explained to me that it was a company that employs ensorcelled people. But even so, Billy Ray was there to auction off his hedgespinning abilities. So, Sam got concerned about that." She shrugs.

"You don't have to wait if you don't want to. But, yes, we'll take you on as a recruit. So welcome to the Custodians, Kip." Ashe tells him with a smile. Then her face goes back to it's Stoicness when Max explains what happened and she raises a hand to rub her face, "What?" she shakes her head. "Well, that's just a bit odd. I'm sure someone will be having a talk with him." she sighs. "So Sam is concerned that there's a lot of loud mouths in our Freehold that are going to get the humans on our asses and something will need to be done. I can understand why she is concerned." she nods.

Kip sort of perks up a bit at Ashe's words about not waiting. He's a Custodian! Which... means not a whole lot, but it gives him a personal sense of belonging in a way. "Uhm... did they...I mean if they're uhm... If they're... they know about us and what we do. I mean what some of us do. I don't... do much of anything. But if they already know, why is it a problem?" He asks this in the way of someone trying to figure it out sincerely, not someone trying to be sarcastic or anything.

Noting Kip's reaction, Max can't help but smile softly. The mortal watches him for a moment, then sits up in her seat as a thought crosses her mind. She lightly shakes her head, dismissing it. "Yeah, I mean, they're not exactly spies or the enemy or whatever. Sam said such 'but it's not like she won't report back stuff to her boss'. Or something like that," she tells Ashe with a shrug. Then she glances to Kip. "I guess the problem is how they decide to react if we mess up further in their eyes. Summers have hot tempers, might not be pretty."

Ashe gives Kip a smile, "Because they are afraid that if a closer Freehold has bad apples and are banished that they might go to their Freehold I'm guessing. Or that's one of the worries I'm betting." she tells him. "And Summers are not the only ones with hot tempers. You don't ever want to see me truly pissed off." she tells him. Then there's a look to Max, "I'l see what I can do about getting in touch with them. Maybe if we can sit and discuss things." she nods.

Custodian Office Hours are in full swing it would appear and Ashe is in the middle of things it would appear. The clock says she's only got forty more minutes as well!

Kip watches Max for a moment, perhaps trying to judge the way she sits up in her seat when she looks over at him and smiles. But he doesn't interrupt her or Ashe as they talk. He just remains quiet for the most part as they go back and forth. "I uh... I'm probably not the best to uh talk to anyone but if you need someone to carry things when you go I'll uh, I'll help," he mumbles as if it's closing in around him just how useless he probably is in the grand scheme of things. "And I don't. Want to see you. Pissed off I mean. You're probably scary. Not that-- not that I think you're scary. You're not. You seem nice." Fidget. Fidget. Shifts his weight. Looks awkward.

Logan strides with purpose and confidence into the conference room, dressed today in a marine blue v-neck t-shirt under a white seersucker blazer with subtle blue pinstripes, paired with jeans and vintage-esque blue Adidas. He doesn't interrupt immediately, because he's polite, but he does make sure he's in Ashe's line of sight. He stands there, grinning his grin, hands on hips. Of course, it's probably impossible to miss the beaming, glowing Golden Boy with the edge of shadow constantly chasing his light. Even if you wanted to. "Hi, everyone. Hope I'm not too late for Office Hours."

As Logan enters, Max sits up a bit straighter and smiles warmly. "Hey! You and Kip here should team up sometime since you're both recruits," she notes with a playful grin. Then she looks between all gathered. "When's the next mission, anyways?" she wonders, giving a look toward Ashe.

Ashe's line of sight is right to the door from where she sits, so when there's movement, Ashe's black eyes lock onto Logan and there's no smile to him. There's just black eyes and a frown. "Come on in, Logan." she motions him in. "I'm packing up in about forty minutes, but can run over. What can I do for you?" she asks him. "Kip, this is Logan, another Recruit that you'll be working with sometimes. Logan, this is Kip. Newest recruit." she introduces them, even after Max does as well. Then there's a chuckle and a look to Max, "Next Monday you guys need to go pick something up. So be ready." she tells her.

Kip's hand raises in a greeting to Logan. "I-- uhm we... Okay." That's quite literally all Kip says. For someone who is shy, words are either impossible to get out or impossible to hold back. Kip is usually the one that just says All The Words, but he goes quiet on this even though his expression is clear that he has questions, possibly about what needs to be picked up and does this mean he should go too and will it be fun or will it be dangerous and when does he get to be helpful or something. Eager beaver thy name is Scott Kensington, Kip to his friends.

"Hey, Max," Logan says, smile still in place, as he takes a seat at the table. "Thank you, Ashe. And Kip and I have already met. Welcome aboard. I won a gift certificate to your store, by the way." His grin broadens as he watches Kip basically struck speechless. "Don't worry. I've got your back." His blue-eyed stare moves to Ashe next, though he indicates Max with one hand. "Max probably told you she meant with Sam Whitaker, right? Well, so did I. This morning, in fact."

"Yes. Max told me she met with Sam." she nods to that. "I've heard that she came to your party. Where she had issues with things. So she's saying that we are an issue as a whole now." Ashe tells Logan as she watches him. Then she takes a bit of a breath and then smiles, "So. What did she speak to you about this morning?" she asks him. "Because I'm guessing the information that Max got from her is different from what she told you." she points out.

"I hope it was a pleasant meeting. Or at least one where you learned more about her," Max replies with a nod as she leans back in her seat. She watches Logan curiously, obviously interested as well to hear if Sam's story was different with her than it had been with Logan.

"You should come by and use it," Kip starts to say to Logan before looking almost stricken and glancing at the clock. "I-- didn't mean to uh, to use your time up today. You probably have things to talk about before you have to close. I should get to the shop before Bets goes to class." A pause. "She works for me. At the store. Part time." Because they needed this information? He seems to think so. He puts his messenger bag back on that he had slid off earlier and moves to hover near the doorway for a moment before giving everyone in turn a little smile. "I-- will be at the store. Uhm, let me know if you need me. And uh... thanks." And with that he slips out so that they can talk hardcore shop before Ashe's time is up.

"I've heard some things about Max's meeting with Sam," Logan says, eyes moving curiously to Max. "And so far, I don't see any glaring contradictions, unless I'm missing details. I'd like to point out that she already had issues with 'us as a whole' before my party." His smile turns just a little bit brighter, like he wants to emphasize this. "She finds us to be reckless as a Freehold, as a whole. Not to mention rude. I offered to set up a meeting for her and her fellow Soundless, Marty, with Queen Pook. They've apparently been trying to do this for quite sometime, and being a Waykeeper, I'm able to act as that bridge. Now. After I sat through her...concerns about Fate's Harvest, I asked her a few questions myself. Primarily about the mass murders Gisa has been researching." He pauses and chuckles a little. "Sam is a cagey one, but she told me that a lot of Changelings died during the 1963 incident. And something called the Silver Tree was uprooted. That very incident is why she frowns on throwing parties for Lost, incidentally," although Logan doesn't seem to think much of that line of reasoning. "Every single Lost was killed or kidnapped, though, and I think some of the Soundless' actions -- their paranoia, at any rate -- goes back to this event."

"I'm aware that she thought we were an issue as a whole before that. It doesn't help that they keep testing things to add to what they already think." Ashe tells Logan. There's not really anything smile worthy about the situation to her. "And yes, a few of us are researching the murders. Myself included. I'm not sure what the Silver Tree is or was, but I can see if any of our Elders might know." she frowns. "As for her paranoia, maybe she thinks it's about to happen again and she doesn't want her Freehold to deal with it. I'm not quite sure. I just know I'm not going to let of us be murdered." she tells Logan. "Was there any success in getting them a meeting with Queen Pook?" she asks.

Logan tends to smile by default, a fact that annoyed the very Sam Whitaker they are talking about. His smile has dimmed down a bit now, his expression more serious, although even then he's not quite frowning. "I don't know what the Silver Tree was, either, and she wouldn't tell me. She said I had to do my own research. As for Queen Pook, I put in the request today." He leans back a little in his chair, one hand placed on the table. "If allowed, I hope to be present during that meeting, in which case I will report back to the Custodians. I don't believe Sam and the Soundless are an immediate threat to the Freehold, but I also don't trust them. I can't." And there's that grin again. It's definitely not a happy grin, which just goes to show that his smiles are not motivated by happiness. "She's just too cagey, and too stingy with information, for me to trust outright. But maybe this meeting with the Queen will shed more light on the subject."

Ashe gives a nod to that, "We'll look into it and see if we can find anything. I have a pack of information that I need to pick up from someone that lived through the Troubles. So maybe they will have something in there about it." she breathes out. "If Queen Pook agrees to the request, please, please have a member of the Harvestmen there. Just in case and just to make sure that no one tries to take our Monarch out. That's all we'd need is for them to meet and someone tries to take her Highness out. That would leave the Freehold in a trying state and god only knows what they'd do to take advantage of that." she sighs. "It's not bad to not trust people. They've done nothing to outright earn trust." she admits. "And thank you for talking to her and telling us on it." she adds.

When Logan had looked at Max concerning the meeting she'd had with Sam, she simply smiles innocently. Leaning back in her seat, the mortal remains quiet as she listens to the further information uncovered and shared by Logan. She's silent for a bit, her expression a thoughtful one. "None of that contradicts what she told me," she confirms with a small nod. A pause before she adds, "Though, I think she might have appreciated the more friendly approach I took to her. I can't say the same would have applied to the other guy, but, you know, we got to remember these people are just looking out for their own Freehold. Can't blame them for being so 'cagey'."

"You're quite welcome," Logan says to Ashe, his sunny grin reappearing. "I told her she should come back to the Wayhouse any time, since that's her right, so I'll let you know about future meetings. She's interested in getting romantically involved with a member of our Freehold, by the way." His smile turns a shade less sunny. "That could be an interesting opportunity for spying, should someone take her up on it. I'm considering it myself. And certainly, I'll make sure there is a Harvestmen present. I'm always packed, myself," he adds. A fact that may be surprising to those who don't know he has a shooting range and a huge arsenal of guns at his house. Then he looks at Max and chuckles. "Max, you know me. Since when I am unfriendly to people? I fed her, welcomed her to the Wayhouse, and offered to do everything I could to get her an audience with the Queen. I apologized for mistakes I didn't even make. If that's not friendly, then I guess I'm missing something."

Ashe gives a look to Max and there's a nod to her, "My more human instincts tend to be drowned out by the paranoia and suspicion that comes easier to us, I'll try to think more on how they feel going forward." she tells her. She then quirks an eyebrow at Logan, "I don't think getting into a relationship with her...on any level at this juncture would be good. Whether it's for spying or not. We don't want to take a chance of you or someone getting caught up in a pledge or situation that we can't get them back from." she admits. "I was being mothering there, yes." she adds with a laugh. "Either way, just be extremely careful with things." she states.

"Did she say who?" Max wonders with a raised brow. "Should warn whoever it is. I mean, it could be a trap. What do they call it in spy movies... a honey trap?" She shakes her head lightly. Then she glances to Ashe and nods. "She offered a ride in her car sometime. But, I had to decline because it might look bad on either of us for hanging out with 'the enemy' at the moment," she says. And yes, she does do some air quotes!

Logan smiles and nods in Ashe's direction. "Don't worry. I didn't take any action. I'm mostly just letting you know." The general you -- he means Max as well. And he chuckles as he looks at his mortal friend. "She said that someone like me would do. So, no danger there." Because there isn't anyone like Logan. Not really. A few pretty boys around, sure, but there is only one Logan... "Anyway, she's not /really/ 'the enemy'. But a bit of caution might not hurt, at least until she and Marty meet with Her Majesty."

"I just think if we could be a bit more sure about them that it would be fine to be friends with them. Hell, even work together. But, that time is not right now." Ashe shakes her head. Then there's a laugh and she nods, "Yeah, I'm not too worried, you guys are adults and all. I just...I don't want anyone hurt in the end." she admits. "Hopefully they can meet with her Majesty soon and we can get some things straight." she adds.

Max smirks at Logan. "Well, who wouldn't want to date someone like you? Mr. Perfect." The mortal chuckles lightly to herself and shakes her head. Then she returns her attention to Ashe. "Those were my thoughts too. I mean, it'd be great if we could be allies too. I told her there are bigger threats to deal with. And if this Silver Tree thing is such a danger or something to be careful about, wouldn't it be better if we were all working together concerning it instead being how we are now?" She lets out a small sigh. "But, things /seem/ to be going in a more positive direction. More information is flowing, we've got a meeting with the Queen for them getting set up. Maybe we can salvage all this into something positive."

"I think they want to be friends, actually. Or if not friends, than allies." Logan is smiling again, in the generic way he usually does. "But they think we're sloppy and reckless. I think if they showed more of their cards, and we gave them more reasons to put good faith in us, that everything will work out in the end. But it will take effort on the part of both sides." He blinks innocently at Max when she calls him Mr. Perfect. He probably knows he is, but far be it from him to say it aloud. Then he nods at everything she's said. "Yeah, Max. I agree. I think all of this is a really positive step, and together, our Freeholds could form a powerful alliance. The Silver Tree was destroyed, by the way," he clarifies. "Whatever it was doesn't exist anymore...or so Sam led me to believe."

Ashe gives a nod to them both and there's a smile to them, "Thank you both for keeping a level head about this." she tells them. Then there's a look to the clock, "I do unfortunately have to go. I'm finishing a week long pledge to an elder that has information about the Troubles. Hopefully he might have something on the Silver Tree as well." she tells them. "I'll post my findings to the group and then go to the Queen if necessary if there's urgent news. Will you two be alright for the moment?" she asks them.

"We'll be fine. Thanks for taking the time to open your office to talk with all of us," Max replies with a friendly smile. Moving to her feet, she smooths out her hoodie then glances to Logan. "I'm going to take off. You heading anywhere in particular yourself?" she wonders of the Fairest as she starts to make her way toward the exit.

Logan rises as well, offering a hand to Ashe for a shake. "Thanks for going over for my sake, Ashe. Max is right, we'll be fine. Have a great evening." He beams at her, quite literally -- light shining out everywhere -- before grinning at Max. "Thought I might go home for some target practice. I think Dross is there. Wanna come along?"