Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue

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Knights of the Knowledge of the Tongue

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Gourmands always experimenting with new foods and ingredients. Usually outlandish.

  • Titles: Knight de Cuisine (though some dismissive Lost refer to them by the rather twee name “The Gastrognomes”)
  • Prerequisites: Wyrd 3, Crafts 3 or Crafts 2 with a Specialty in Cooking


Learning to cook is, obviously, the first step. Potentials are tested, first with mundane ingredients, then with ingredients often taken from the Hedge.


The tongue changes upon joining. Some become forked, pointed, or even grow suckers on them. There's also an aroma of food to the changeling, which changes depending on how a person feels about the Knight.


While all backgrounds end up here, they all share the same love of and skill for cooking. They may be mortal chefs, but it's not required.


There isn't much in the way of organization within this Entitlement. Each chef is both cooperator and competitor to the other.

Local Leader:

  • No leaders necessary for this entitlement.


Tracking Those Tenuous Tastes Gain +3 when locating ingredients in the Hedge for an upcoming meal. (HR) This does not need apply to an upcoming meal if the Knight has tasted it before. Rumors persist that canibalistic Changelings have used this to find changeling meals that have escaped them.

Gain +1 on rolls to find goblin fruit.

HR - Gain +2 to identify dried/cooked/stewed goblin fruits/hobgoblins by scent, sight or taste, through long experience working with Hedge cuisine.



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Winter Beast

Entitlement Logs

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