King Charlie's Goals - 1

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King Charlie's Quests - #1: Find the nearest non-Soundless Freehold

(If you found this page by any other means, please go back and read King_Charlie's_Events_2017 first.)

The Winter King of 2017 doesn't intend to waste the freehold's efforts in this period of the yearly cycle. The people have been swayed by Winter, and Winter will oblige.


There are no local rumours of other freeholds beyond the traveling, mobile freehold of Atlantis, which isn't, from what little we were able to gather, technically "local" as much as "occasionally here while their mobile Hollow meanders aimlessly through the Hedge."

Since it seems the Soundless are claiming lands to the west, logic dictates that we search in other directions.

  • If we get 3 people for this quest, you will search east.
  • If we get 6+ people for this quest, one group will search east, while the other searches north.

Not that 'east' and 'north' mean particularly much in the Hedge, but staying to the near-Hedge and searching for gates near/in known cities and towns will keep you going on a vaguely that-a-way direction.


  1. Find a freehold.
    • You may locate one by meeting new changelings and hearing about it.
    • You may locate one by noticing an abnormally large number of centralized trods.
    • You may locate one by noticing an abnormally large number of Hedge Gates leading out into a particular city/town.
    • You may locate one by noticing changes in the Hedge itself to reflect the attitudes of that particular freehold's monarchy.
    (Our own local Hedge is now, to note, a bit more stark than it was, with hints of ice hidden on the undersides of leaves, as it always is when Charlie O has come to power.)
  2. If you find a freehold, find out what you can about it.
    • Send back a member of your party to report (may be an NPC if desired). There is no guarantee that the rest of you will be allowed to leave, or to return. We must be cautious.
  3. If the freehold is not hospitable, escape any confinement and use mortal vehicles to travel home.
    Too many members of Fate's Harvest leave magical trails a blind baby sea slug could track through the Hedge.
  4. If the freehold IS hospitable, learn as much as you can about them. If they are willing and you are able, use the Sight of Truth and Lies, or pledges of honesty. Tell them as little about us as possible. Your group will be given specific facts to avoid.
    • These facts include the existence of the Soundless.
    If they have gone to so much trouble to prevent others from knowing they exist, it could be politically inconvenient for us to reveal them to strangers. We do not want a war. We do not know their capabilities.

Party Roles

Diplomacy is very important for this quest. We need at least one member to fill each role below. You do not need to be in a subgroup. Sign your name below if you are interested.


Waykeepers, etc. People with people skills.


Custodians, etc.


Harvestmen, etc.



Greenies, etc.


Characters who don't fit easily into one of the above categories.