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Goblin Markets

What are goblin markets? Where can I find more source information about them? What's the current market scene like around here?


  • All troupes must be posted publicly, on both this page and the IG Goblin Market bboard (+bbread 44).
    Information required:
    • Status: Is it Open or Closed? (see below)
    • Where: Where are they located? If they have no set location, say so.
    • When: When are they available? Do they only show up on full moons? Are they around only on alternating Saturdays between 3:00am and dawn?
    • Who: Who are they/what are they like? A brief description of the merchants found in the troupe. Feel free to link a separate page here if you have more detailed information than can fit in a quick summary.
    • What: What do they sell? What could a prospective buyer go there to get? What will they NOT sell/accept as currency?
    • How: How do people find out about the troupe? Do you have to do anything special to reach it? Ritual doorways which only work at specific times?
  • All market logs, no matter the troupe, must be posted publicly on all participants' wiki pages.
  • Troupe creators can decide if a troupe is Open (free for anyone to ST) or Closed (usable only by that ST).
  • All player-created troupes may be used, abused and possibly killed off/run out of town by staff.
  • Remember: the Wild Roses do not take well to competition. STs are encouraged (but not required!) to put in a +request to staff to negotiate terms for their troupe with the Wild Roses.


Where the Wild Roses Grow

Where: H18 - Deep Hedge, off the Woodheart Fork.
When: Round the clock service! Mostly. Exceptions may apply.
Who: The Wild Roses are led by the Lady Day, a Fairest Baroness of the Lesser Ones who looks after the pixie-hobs who live by the river bank. There are a great many merchants, the most prominent of whom are defined here.
What: Anything and everything can be found Where the Wild Roses Grow, whether you're looking for hedgefruit, tokens, companions, slaves, mercenaries, information, abilities or any other thing your heart might desire. Why go elsewhere when the Roses have it all?
How: Most locals know Where the Wild Roses grow. It can be a difficult and dangerous trip, the riverbank they call home farther from the safety of the Mortal world than most are willing to tread, but it's often worth the journey. Sometimes, the Wild Roses will set up shop in the tamer places within the Hedge, the blooming of wild pink roses foretelling their arrival.

See also PC Merchants.