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H43 - Hedge - Deep Sky - Soaring Spirals

While scholars are prone to argument for the sake of argument, it is generally accepted that the heated air from the cliffs below provided the original path for this particularly challenging trod. That is to say, it was an excellent place for a particularly aerobatic breed of zaphawks to begin nesting, and dancing their various mating dances through the sky, spiraling higher, higher, higher, high...

The path twists and turns in a double helix, uptrod and down-, sharp winds its borders, almost imperceptible until one is just barely on the edges of the trail. Everyone on this trod is visible from below, visibility equally fantastic from above, though the birds' reactionary nature can cause sudden thunderstorms and squalls to appear out of seemingly nowhere at all.

If you cannot FLY, you cannot navigate these rooms, and will fall down/go off the trod.

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