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H24 - Hedge - Deep - Giant's Stairs

While the landscape around the massive cliff is as inconstant as the Hedge lands ever are, one thing can always be asked of the Stairs: who the heck BUILT these things?

Set on, in, within, without, over, under and around a seemingly miles-high stack of stepped cliffsides, a nightmare maze of stairs burrows, crawls over or has been carved into the ochre stone in twists and improbabilities which would give even a drunken Escher pause. Some are fit for mice; some are fit for men; some are waist high steps fit for the terminally athletic. Some, it must be said, are just plain terminal, climbing up unwholesome spirals only to end, suspended in mid-air.

Thankfully, gravity seems to have drunk from the same glass as Escher. Selectively. While the trod zig-zags outside and in, around and through, in open sun and under stone, no matter which direction one appears to be standing, be it on a wall or upside down, one's feet remain affixed.

Step off the path, and there's another story. It's short, and ends in a splat.

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