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H36 - Hedge - Sky - Rushswift Tangle

The winds of the trod swiftly rush down the side of the mountain -typically- farthest from the mortal world, tangling amidst the high and whipping branches of the trees...and the Thorns. Always the Thorns. Canes of briars, bright-dark surface a fractal blend of sharp shapes and graceful curves, serve their eternal purpose as the border markers of the trod, the occasional white flower visible among their darkened leaves, petite, soft, shily hiding from sight. Ooooor lurking in wait for an unsuspecting victim. It could be either. Take your chances.

The area is particularly popular with rushswifts, a type of territorial bird prone to nipping and biting intruders out of its territory. They can grow to be as large as small houses, but generally kill each other long before they reach that size, on average around the same wingspan and weight class as an eagle. They are carnivorous, but prefer to eat on the wing, so they seldom attack anything too heavy to carry off in one fell swoop. While primarily black and tawny gold, their crest and tails have more variety, have a particularly crystalline and iridescent sheen to them, and are much-prized by hobs as decorations, due to both the danger involved in their acquisition and the difficulty of -catching- one of the buggers. They're -that- fast.

A vast expanse of labyrinthine green extends in all directions from this vantage, the Hedge impossible to penetrate for purposes of any reasonable scouting mission without penetrating the canopy and entering the trod below. Above, the winds drive scudding clouds into a fleecy tangle of their own.

If you cannot FLY, you cannot navigate these rooms, and will fall down/go off the trod.

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