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H35 - Hedge - Sky - Never Land

High above the chilly mountaintop below, wind-sculpted stone and sharp air-currents form a tangled maze of biting walls. It is all too easy to be caught amidst those currents, to be dragged unwilling off the safer paths, lost, spun about and lost. The sky above is crisp and clear, cloudless here, always cloudless, a deceptively propinquitous view of the sun, the stars, the moon when they arrive. A distant, fluting song drifts from the earth below.

There is nowhere readily available to land, beyond the summit, unless one chooses to dive down and cling to weather-shaped stones with blade-fine edges and alien curves. Farther down the slope of the mountain, green vines are distantly visible in the air, stretching up from the earth below.

If you cannot FLY, you cannot navigate these rooms, and will fall down/go off the trod.

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