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H14 - Hedge - Deep - Troubled Topiary

Dense growth claws its way up toward the sky with stubborn, vegetative patience, its broken, yet well-measured lines hinting at something which used to be tamed, but has long since grown feral and strange. Needle-like spines protrude at times from otherwise innocent greenery to catch and pluck at the unwary.

Moss underfoot cushions footsteps to near-silence, the very thickness of the hedges' walls muffling sound so exquisitely well that hunters could be just a bend away. Paths twist and twine in all directions, and while parting the thorns will take its tithe in blood, leaving the maze is ever an option.

At one point in the maze, a low dip in the land drops abruptly down into a yawning cavern in the earth, light refusing to pass farther than a few feet within. Proof of regular passage, a broad and open Hollow near the entrance bears signs of frequent use.

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