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H13 - Hedge - The Everdark

The cold of sunless stone seeps through the flesh and through the bone of those who trespass through the caverns of the everdark, endless tunnels writhing through nightblack stone with all the senseless twists and bucks of dying worms. Delicate threads whisper through the windless air, tickling at hair, at skin, catching on clothes, source all but impossible to find without a light...but light is something of a problem.

They eat it.

Tiny creatures cling to the ceilings, silken threads suspended down, down, down below them in the air, but even the brightest light has trouble reaching them; no source can ever quite reach farther than arm's length away, bright gleams reduced to tremulous shivering glows before fading to darkness once again. The lucky or the wise will learn to follow these silent lightsippers, their densest populations always on the tunnelings which choose to be the trod -this- time.

The path is not easy, however, nor is it short, caverns reluctant to give up their prize.

<< Mechanically: all light, visible, UV and infrared included, is reduced to a range no farther than arm's length away while traveling through the caves. A speed 10 character will take minimum 30 minutes inside. Running, of course, speeds this up accordingly.

Travelers take 1B for every 5 minutes in the caverns. e.g. a 7hp character could spend only 35 minutes in them before falling unconscious (7*5=35) >>

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