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FB09 - Fort Brunsett - Nelson Development

While the original development has long since overflowed its boundaries, its neat use of brick and local stone adaptations in the Classical Revival style have stood the test of time, structures dating back to the early 1920s still standing, still sound and some of the longest continuously occupied homes in the entire city.

Tree-lined streets wind through carefully spaced homes and grassy lawns, some given better care than others, a small park located toward the southern edge of the oldest construction.

Evidence of more modern work, an art installation from the 70s has given cause for much speculation as to how much money the city really spent on it -- and what kind of taste previous city councils have possessed. A fluid oblong appears to be springing through an aluminum hoop held high in the air by the branch-arms of what could be trees or could be very oddly proportioned people, the tail end of the oblong supporting its weight in a reverse splash with several faces bulging from the walls of whatever 'liquid' it is supposed to represent, anguished, fearful, ecstatic, sly, terrifyingly hungry.

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