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EW07 - Wilderness - Mount Mischance - Summit

Windswept and rocky, the summit is a bare, spare place, trees long since cut back, a weathered bronze U.S. Geological Survey marker noting its highest point at 2,885 feet above sea level. An old wooden fire tower keeps watch over the slopes in risky seasons, staffed by volunteer firefighters. A small outbuilding serves as combination horse stable and bike garage, though bikes are the greater danger on the trails below.

Rising as an adjunct to the fire tower is a tall radio tower, cell towers carrying signals on the same structure to keep the town connected to the outside world.

This high, it's plain the slopes of Salvation are even higher, the western peak almost directly across the valley between them. Salvation East, the lower of the two peaks, is still higher than mount Mischance. The town between them is a fragile cluster of humanity along the silver ribbon of the river flowing down Salvation.

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